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Program Description

NB it is necessary to have an advanced level of the Italian language to access the courses

Are you looking for a Master to become a Social Media Manager or Social Media Specialist? Digital Coach's Master in Social Media Marketing is for you.

Social media have become environments that we regularly frequent and occupy a good part of our day. The interest in these tools is constantly increasing and today all the companies have understood that they can not do without it for their business. In fact, companies are increasingly looking for social media managers, social media specialists, social media strategists, community managers, social customer care and other professionals who have a strategic vision, developed digital skills focused on social networks and who know how to design, manage and verify a strategy of web communication on social networks.

For this, Digital Coach's Master Social Media Marketing Online aims to train specialists who have a high knowledge of all social media, their tools and their analysis tools. Professionals who want to pursue the career of Social media manager or Social media specialist able to effectively manage the company's online reputation or who know how to communicate brilliantly on each of the existing social media, to integrate them wisely with other digital marketing activities.

The Master in Social Media Marketing Online is available live Online both in the evening edition (19-22.30) and in the daytime edition (14.30-18) and On Demand to be followed on your reserved area when you want free from attendance times . It allows you to integrate from 4 to 12 months of part-time real internship (Work Experience), available both for young people (recent high school graduates, recent graduates or otherwise looking for work) and for people of advanced age with the aim of changing jobs, retraining or specialize in social media marketing.

Digital Coach Masters have a very different approach from that of generalist universities or business schools. The social media marketing master has a strong technical specialist, practical-operational cut, with teachers who are not the usual professors, but the best professionals who work in social media marketing.

In addition, you can decide to be supported, while working, during an evening internship period that can also be achieved by working remotely to be able to practice and insert a CV experience in your digital career in social media marketing and become a successful social media manager .

We will give you on this page the first elements that allow you to understand why the Master in Social Media Marketing by Digital Coach is currently the most suitable path to learn to use all the main tools and technical tools, required by those looking for future social media managers and social media specialist. Without having to attend other digital marketing courses.

The Master in Social Media Marketing is the best choice for those who aim to direct their profile and skills towards the new social media professions, learning concretely to DO what they require. This is possible without renouncing the credibility of a certification subject to a final examination following which it can demonstrate profit, actual attendance and acquired skills.

Contents and Program of the Social Media Marketing Master

To complete the Social Media Marketing Master, participants will be able to:

  • learn to adapt the way of communicating according to the languages ​​of different social networks
  • plan, create and manage social advertising campaigns through the advertising tools of Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Telegram, Tik Tok.
  • develop and manage online communities, maximizing their engagement
  • produce written content, images and videos suitable for the type of company to promote and capable of stimulating interest, interaction and sharing
  • use the analytics tools to measure the results achieved
  • manage the Digital PR involving the influencers and online publishers of reference

The program is divided into 14 training modules and covers the following areas:

Facebook Community Marketing

The creation and management of Facebook Pages; from the daily management of the editorial calendar to the rules of engagement and moderation of the community, through social care and crisis management. There will be ideas for measuring results through analytics.

Facebook Advertising

We will set up advertising campaigns with all the tools that Facebook provides to reach millions of potential customers but in a targeted way based on gender, age, domicile and interests. From Facebook adv to the sponsorship of content, from the Offer to the Facebook remarketing and then analyze the results with Facebook Insights.

Linkedin Marketing

We will discover the opportunities of advertising, lead generation and social selling that the professional Network offers, which now has more than 6 million users in Italy. From the creation, management and moderation of the company pages to the community management of the Linkedin groups up to the possibility of creating advertising campaigns. The references will be both personal and corporate.

Youtube & Online Video Marketing

We will discover how even a small company can set up a video marketing and video advertising strategy reaching the right audience even with limited budgets. We will learn how to create a Youtube channel, make the right video content, advertise it with Adwords for video and monitor its results with Youtube analytics.

Twitter Marketing

We will present the optimal ways of using the social network that makes direct interaction, the speed of dissemination of information and the disintermediation of its strengths. We will see how to use personal and corporate profiles, integration with other social networks and the news of Twitter Ads.

Google Marketing

We will discover the characteristics that make G a platform for integration between the world of the web and social media, a tool for integrating Google services. We will understand how to use it not only for social purposes but also for SEO purposes, not neglecting some tools such as circles and Hangouts.

Instagram Marketing

We will try to understand what peculiarities have allowed Instagram to become the social network that grew the most in the last year, exceeding the number of Twitter users. We will discover how some brands are using the immediacy of visual content in an original and effective way.

Pinterest Marketing

We will discover the world of content curation and visual content marketing principles on which this social network of particular interest for the worlds of fashion, automotive, design and food is based. To then understand how to use it in the company.

Wordpress For Blogging & SEO Copywriting

We will make you understand why the Blog is the center of the best social media marketing strategies as well as the first channel of content marketing to consider to address their users. We will find out how to use WordPress and the main plugins to become autonomous in managing a blog and to write content that is optimized for search engines.

Digital PR

We will discover which are the actors with whom to do public relations online and how to interact effectively with them, using the tools that help us simplify our lives. How to work profitably with Bloggers, online Publishers, influencers, social stars.

Web Reputation & Social Media Monitoring

Several software and tools are able today to read conversations that take place online and on social media and to return data that can allow you to evaluate opinions and perceptions in relation to a brand, a product, a campaign. We will find out what they are, how and when to use them to improve our web reputation.

Personal Branding & Professional Success

We will start from the definition of our professional positioning and then take the first steps, as always helped by the right tools, aimed at increasing our personal visibility both on search engines and on social media. We will define a personalized plan of action for each participant, in order to make a change in our career and realize our professional dreams!

Content Marketing & Blogging

We will learn to produce content that can attract, engage and respond to our potential customers. We will discover how to enhance them thanks to a company blog, maximize their distribution through social media. We will learn to use useful tools to facilitate creation (CMS, visual content tools, video content, infographics, image processing) and automate posting on social media.

Emerging Social Media (Real Time Marketing: Snapchat, Telegram, Whatsapp, Messenger)

In this final module we will explore the growth and application potential of different emerging and niche social networks. And we will try them live of course. We will learn, depending on the company we work for, to find niche social media that can best enable it to reach its audience.

Digital Storytelling

You will learn what digital storytelling is and how to do it, what are the characteristics of successful business communication, how brands link their clients to a story and not directly to a product or service. We will teach you to use the web and social channels to create the brand identity, either your own or the company we work at, building an effective customer journey that sells, without selling.

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