Online Master in Digital Creative Production


Program Description

The Online Master in Digital Creative Production is an up-to-date immersion in the main professional roles and actions that are being carried out in the changing environment of production and creativity.

New technologies have modified key aspects of creative processes: from the generation of the idea, to production, through technical quality requirements to reach different consumer devices. The demand for professionals with a strong and up-to-date background in digital creative production has become a rising value.

Addressed to

Students of audiovisual communication, degrees in cinematography, telecommunications and those areas of higher education related to communication and art.

Professionals who want to readjust their CV and become professional within the prevailing market of the world of audiovisual fiction.

Training trips

Training experience in Los Angeles. Accommodation and training are included in the price.

This experience is OPTIONAL, in the case of choosing NOT to do it, the proportional part of the total cost of the master will be reduced.


Los Angeles, USA - Students will visit the best Hollywood film industries, where they will learn the latest film trends on digital platforms.

The estimated duration will be 8 days (the number of days is subject to change). Accommodation and training are included in the price of the master's degree.

Students who cannot attend this training trip have the possibility of obtaining a reduced price for the master.

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The objective of this Online Master in Digital Creative Production is to provide students with a deep knowledge of the digital sector that allows them to understand the different professional dynamics in areas such as audiovisual platforms, film production companies, advertising agencies, e-sports or interactive environments. The student will be able to design creative projects with a technological base, whether in content design, production or distribution.


  • Friday from 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday from 10am to 2pm


Block 1 - Producing in digital

The current content producer's role is multifaceted: productions are managed for film, internet, platforms, television or mobile. This means knowing how the sector is doing, what kind of dynamics appear in the teams and also understanding how technology has established certain methodologies.
The objective of this module is to review the key content for a producer, such as making a budget, designing a financing plan or preparing a sales dossier. In addition, the keys to attract the attention of broadcasters will also be seen, as well as the network of digital platforms that currently set the pace of digital creative production will be presented.

  • The producer in the new digital environment: challenges and objectives
  • The explosion of OTT platforms in the world. Digital content consumption panorama. Market structure: the new players
  • The new viewer. The irruption of millennials and generation Z
  • New relationship dynamics between teams and work synergies
  • From script to budget
  • Preparation of a financing plan
  • The series are internationalized: management of series financing in channels in various countries
  • Attract broadcasters' interest: preparing a film or series sales dossier
  • Digital production becomes creative: Agile development, service design, creative methodologies

Block 2 - Big Data

Algorithmic culture surprised us all with companies like Netflix. Today it is almost impossible not to be up to date with the different productions offered by content on demand platforms. All this is due to the technical layer that Big Data establishes as the work base of HBO, Prime Video, Movistar + or Netflix.
The objective of this module is to study the workflow of content platforms: we will talk about recommendation engines, content personalization, data will be analyzed and even work proposals with sensors and wearables applied to the audiovisual sector will be studied.

  • What is Big Data and what does it have to do with production?
  • Algorithmic culture and content platforms: Netflix, HBO, Movistar and a long etcetera
  • Data analytics: sensors, wearables, biometrics, internet
  • Audiences and social media: from digital measurement to network monitoring
  • Business Intelligence and data visualization, from business to artistic creation
  • Privacy and security to manage data
  • Legal steps in a digital environment

Block 3 - Content creation

Creativity goes hand in hand with new work methodologies. For this reason, it is essential to investigate technocreativity. The objective of this module is to know and analyze branded content strategies, transmedia storytelling and play with interactive narratives. In addition, the focus will be on the trends that have marked social networks: creation of visual content with well-defined formats and strategies such as the vertical format.

  • The showrunner: new leader of the series. Functions and skills
  • Transmedia content design, beyond series and movies
  • Engaging the audience: Creating interactive narratives
  • Branded content formats and strategies
  • Content generated for social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, others
  • Non-fiction content: documentaries
  • New content for new platforms: virtual reality, e-sports, Addressabletv

Block 4 - Technical workflow

Producing for a quality broadcast involves comfortably handling standards for image capture, treatment, colorimetry, etc. In short, this module aims to know in depth what the technical workflow is like, the well-known technical work process. The student acquires the necessary knowledge to know how to move in this important department and to be able to manage key aspects such as the supervision of a technical budget or, simply, a negotiation that includes the final quality of its content.

  • Technical immersion How many do you know? Technological workflow: each role in its place.
  • Work methodologies for platforms and development of new advances in the industry and their application in productions.
  • The new image capture formats. (HDRx, 4K, 5K, 8K and 16K) and Colorimetry.
  • Sound capture, audio post-production and dubbing.
  • Producing for a quality broadcast means comfortably handling standards of image capture, treatment, colorimetry, etc.

Block 5 - Post-production and digital effects (VFX)

When we produce content surrounded by technology, the figure of the post-production director takes on a lot of value. It is a role that we must know very well as well as all the technical options and tools that are currently used.
This module aims to present key factors of the post-production department with the idea of incorporating them at such early stages as content development, thus defining part of the project's strategy and creativity.

  • Postproduction Director, workflow
  • Editing for digital creative producers
  • 3D and animation: latest advances in character creation and development
  • Creation of environments and virtual sets, CGI
  • Virtual reality, 2D, 3D and 360º video
  • Creating with VFX

Block 6 - Promotion and distribution

At this point in the master's degree, you may already have a structured project in your head: the time has come to identify the necessary strategies to communicate it to your audience. For this, the different distribution proposals will be studied according to whether it is a series project, feature film, non-fiction, transmedia and a long etcetera.
This module aims to show the key aspects that will help in a negotiation or sale of your project, as well as skills to make a pitch. Concrete examples of successful marketing campaigns will be studied and the student will create their own route of markets and festivals.

  • A distribution plan for each project: objectives, strategy and tactics
  • DIY distribution strategies: Youtube, Vimeo Pro and other platforms
  • OTT platform workflow, the case of Netflix
  • Learning from sales and negotiation
  • Hook your audience: pitching
  • Keep track of your content: social media and monitoring
  • Marketing based on data, automation and social media
  • And now that? Promotion and marketing plan
  • On route through markets and festivals

Block 7 - Setting up to go out to produce

The last block of the master has a clear international focus, for this it will be vital to know how to work abroad. This learning will have a practical proposal with the trip to LA, but from home the student will have the opportunity to bring that international experience to class.
This module aims to learn the fundamental aspects of hiring, negotiation, business creation, networking and, thus, become a digital creative producer.

  • International co-production
  • Labor management: contracting teams and copyrights
  • Negotiation, international rights.
  • Last step: create your company and start networking


Access and financing of the master

What do I have to do to be admitted?

Step 1: Prepare CV / Portfolio and cover letter

Maximum CV of 2 sheets, maximum portfolio 10 mb, motivation letter maximum 1 sheet.

* If you do not have experience do not worry, there are many other factors to make the decision to be admitted.

Step 2: Interview with the director of the master

It is mandatory to be admitted (can be done by phone or Skype).

Step 3: Reserve your place

In case you want to secure a place in the master, we recommend making the reservation payment of € 300. If you are not admitted, the full amount of the reservation will be refunded. You can make the reservation by transfer or online payment.

Step 4: Admission

In a maximum period of 5 days we will notify you if you have been admitted to the master.

Step 5: Follow up

Our admissions team will contact you regularly to carry out the following steps regarding final enrollment in the master.

Economic options

  • Early bird 10% discount until June 15 (Only a limited number of places in each master can benefit from these conditions).
  • We have a BBVA Studies Loan * agreement through which you can finance your studies in Barreira A + D: with this system students decide when to pay back the amount borrowed. As in the Anglo-Saxon model, you will only pay when you finish your studies, when you find a job, or when you choose. We take care of managing a tailored financing for you.

* Financing conditions subject to the approval of the bank.

  • For active professionals the course can be subsidized by the State Foundation for Employment Training (formerly Tripartite).
  • Making the cash payment of the master you benefit from a 3% discount (cumulative discount).
  • If you are or have been a student of Barreira Arte + Diseño in an official degree, you will have a 15% discount .
  • If you are self-employed you can benefit from a 5% discount (not cumulative).
  • Possibility of making the payment of the master in three installments .
  • "Tutor" scholarship (30%) and merit scholarship (15%) (subject to the criteria of the director and the center).
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