At present, a change in the direction and management of organizations is necessary, as a result of the business reality that is being imposed both internationally and nationally. This paradigm implies a new way of running companies, and therefore, of people, which in the end are the ones that give value to companies. A change of focus, from "human resources management" to "people management", which needs more than just a name change. Therefore, we have designed a program that, from a global vision of the environment and a strategic vision of the business, aligns People Management with the objectives of the organization.

The degree is designed to prepare current and future socially responsible professionals in the Human Resources area, through the specialization of knowledge and the development of the necessary skills and competencies that allow them to successfully assume the functions required by the complex organizations of the 21st Century.

The training provided to the students of the Interuniversity Master's Degree in People Management and Management focuses on both global and transversal and specific subjects, which would be of a blended nature. Since the added value that we also intend to contribute with the Master is to respond to the needs of time flexibility, geographic location, interactivity and with the consequent practical component of the subjects at the end of the virtual teaching period through workshops and insertion practices professional. Offering, thus, training opportunities to people who due to problems of schedules, geographical distance or family conciliation cannot go to the university campus in person, to train or complete their training.

In short, the Master's degree is aimed at all those people who want to enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies to develop high quality work in the field of general management, and specifically in the Directorate and People Management. For this, an innovative program is offered, both for the contents and for the teaching-learning process, with a semi-essential format that today constitutes a future bet and a tool to counteract the problems that international mobility usually poses to Master program students with a professional profile.123736_pexels-photo-416405.jpeg Pixabay / Pexels


Without being exhaustive, we will synthesize the points that constitute the greatest strength of the proposed title, and that differentiates it from most of the revised offer:

  • He is the only Interuniversity Master in Management and Management of Semipresencial People (50% virtual), with a presence focused on five eminently practical workshops and taught by professionals of recognized prestige (originality).
  • In the Andalusian University System, it is the only Master with compulsory curricular practices , workshops aimed at improving the employability of students , with a strategic interest in favoring the professional integration of young people.
  • It is aimed at a population of graduates basically from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, being an intercultural offer, in which the International University of Andalusia with its extensive and innovative experience in the use of virtual teaching platforms (evidenced by the development during the Last years of two Official Masters - one of photovoltaic energies and another of Physical Activity and Health (the latter re-accredited), totally also in online format and many other semipresencials) is an added value of great importance.
  • He is a very attractive master for students from other countries, especially those named in the previous point, where there is little specialized training in this field. In this sense, the leadership of the International University of Andalusia within the La Rábida Group (university network formed by some seventy Latin American universities) predicts a field of dissemination and recruitment of truly relevant students.
  • The possibility of having a staff of professionals from the labor world, specialists in people management, which evidences the clearly professional orientation of this master.
  • And, lastly, it forms university graduates prepared to act in the workplace, while promoting its social responsibility and commitment (increased postgraduate employability), making it easier for students to enter the labor market.


The Master is aimed at university graduates of the Branch of Social and Legal Sciences, preferably Graduates or Graduates in Business Administration and Management, Economics, Law, Psychology, Graduates in Labor Sciences, Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources, or old degrees equivalents, who wish to acquire high-level training in the field of People Management and Management.

The inclusion of special entrance exams is not foreseen, however, in the case of students from countries whose mother tongue is different from Spanish, it will be necessary to prove sufficient knowledge of our language (B2).

Professional outings

Companies, public institutions, international organizations and NGOs are increasingly aware of the enormous value of employing well-trained people in this field, since they understand that human capital is the main value of companies.

The degree is endorsed by the Spanish Association of People Management and Development (AEDIPE), there being a commitment by the same to become partners for a year to the students of the Master, which means for students a direct contact with professionals of the function of people management.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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