The Master's degree in Mining Engineering is an Interuniversity Master with the participation of the universities of Huelva, Jaén and Córdoba, which completes the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area of Engineering Degree studies in the field of Mines. This Master is the only qualification that qualifies for the profession of Mining Engineer and is the only one that exists in Andalusia in this area.


The Master's Degree is preferably aimed at students graduated from a degree in Mining Engineering in any of its branches of knowledge (Exploitation, Energy Resources, Fuels and Explosives, Mining Electromechanical Installations, Mineralurgy and Metallurgy, Mining Surveys and Prospections, and Mining Technologies), as well as the current Mining Technical Engineers in any of their specialties, which are the degrees related to the practice of the Mining Technical Engineering profession. Therefore, the recommended income profile is defined by the competences associated with the Technical Mining Engineer.photographed while on an assignment for Indonesia’s largest coal mining company Dominik Vanyi / Unsplash

Academic Outputs

The natural Academic exit of the Interuniversity Master's Degree in Mining Engineering at the Universidad de Huelva is the PhD in Industrial and Environmental Science and Technology.

The Official Doctoral Program in Industrial and Environmental Science and Technology (verified according to RD 99/2011), consists of the following lines of research that appear below and which students can access:

  • Environmental analysis, bioanalysis and biotechnology
  • Environmental biology
  • Industrial biorefinery and forest technology
  • Homogeneous catalysis and organic photochemistry
  • Science and technology of the environment
  • Earth sciences
  • Process and chemical engineering
  • Electrical, electronic, control and robotics engineering
  • Physics, mathematics and computing

Professional outings

The Master's teachings are aimed at the acquisition by the student of advanced training, specialized or multidisciplinary, aimed at academic or professional specialization.

With regard to academic orientation, the Master promotes the initiation in research tasks and gives direct access to the completion of the Doctoral Thesis.

With regard to professional orientation, he has a general training that enables him to practice in all technical areas of Mining Engineering; both in solving the technical problems raised and in the design and implementation of new technologies in the production process.

Among the main professional possibilities of the graduate are the following:

  • Exploration and Prospecting of Geological Resources: Fossil fuels, minerals, rocks.
  • Explosives, demolitions and civil works, extraction of raw materials, treatment plants, recycling.
  • Metallurgy, traditional materials and new materials.
  • Responsible for operation and economic exploitation of large facilities.
  • Consultant and advisor.
  • General, technical or organizational management.
  • Management and administration of companies.
  • Generation, transformation and transport of energy: thermal and hydraulic power plants, combined cycles, nuclear power plants, wind power, solar energy, geothermal engineering and other energies.
  • Director of strategic planning, quality systems, production and management, environmental.
  • Management, planning and supervision of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Research, development and industrial innovation.

Admission and Access

The Master can be accessed from the following degrees:

  1. With an official degree in Mining Engineering, which qualifies for the profession of Technical Mining Engineer.
  2. Degree in Mining Technology Engineering and that comply with Section 5 of Order CIN / 306/2009.
  3. With an official title of Mining Technical Engineering in any of its branches, carrying out the training complements.
  4. Those Graduates in Engineering of the Mining or Energy Branch, by a Spanish university, who do not comply with Section 5 of Order CIN / 306/2009, may apply for admission to the Master once they have adapted their degree to any of the Degrees with access.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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