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Program Description

What is the Official Master's Degree in Marketing?

The Official Master's Degree in Marketing (MSc in Marketing) is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University through ICADE Business School.

This official program offers specialist training to successfully lead a professional career in the field of marketing, sales, and market research. The program is almost entirely taught in English given that complete competence in this language is an essential requirement to enter the labor market and develop a career.

Laboratories Case studies supervised by professionals from companies to solve real cases and problems

This Master's Degree emphasizes the skills most highly sought after by companies: Data Analysis, Preparation of Documents, a Broad Outlook to forecast opportunities, Innovation, a Critical and Constructive Spirit, and Leadership. The Program is developed through four main modules: Understanding the Markets, Defining Value Proposition, Delivering Value Proposition, and Measuring, complemented by “Laboratories”/Case Studies supervised by professionals, in which students must solve cases and problems, and respond to real-life situations.

Our students say the following

Many people like you are already making the most of their Master's Degree. Here are their experiences.

"This degree provides an excellent education and training, which provide the foundation to develop a successful professional career in an area in high demand at companies." Guillermo Sánchez

"It has allowed me to specialize in a booming sector with many job opportunities." Paula Conejos

"These studies will allow you to develop your talents to the fullest and respond perfectly to the needs of the market, given their international perspective." Giorgo Bertelli

Applicant profile

The Official Master's Degree in Marketing is designed for candidates who:

  • Have recently finished their university training. The Master's Degree is specifically aimed at graduates in Business Administration and Management, Trade, Economics, Communication, and other disciplines in Social Sciences.
  • We will create a customized training plan for students from other disciplines.
  • Because it is designed as a Master Pre-Experience, it is not necessary to have a professional career in this area.

Admission requirements

The following may be admitted to Official Master's Programs in Marketing:

  • Holders of an official Spanish university Bachelor's Degree (preferably in the area of Economics and Business Administration) or other (preferably also in the same area) awarded by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area entitling the student to be admitted to Master's level programs in the issuing country.
  • In addition, and without any further requirements, holders of a Licentiate Degree, a Degree in Engineering or a Degree in Architecture compliant with the university system existing before the one set forth by Royal Decree 1393/2007.
  • Exceptionally, admission may be granted to holders of a Bachelor's Degree (preferably in the area of Economics or Business Administration) from an education system outside the European Higher Education Area that is not accredited, once the program and level of studies of this degree are compared against the equivalent Spanish degrees, and the foreign degree is proven to entitle the student to be admitted to the same level of postgraduate studies in the issuing country. Being admitted through this channel does not imply, in any case, accreditation of the previous degree or recognition for purposes other than those relating to admission to the Master's course of study.

Career & Academic Prospects

Graduate profile:

Program graduates may pursue a professional career in marketing since this Master's Degree provides its students with the appropriate personal and professional competences to attain leadership and managerial posts in any marketing area: Research and Analysis, Brand Management, and Sales Management. In the area of Research and Analysis, students may access positions such as account managers, market researchers, marketing analysts, market or client intelligence executives, or planners. In Brand Management, our graduate profile allows our students to works as managers both in brands or in consulting agencies, or on any other company of the brand constellation, such as communication agencies. Finally, in the area of Sales Management and client relationship management, they may work both in the Trade and the Sales area, and in distribution companies as category managers.

Although most graduates have chosen to pursue a career within a company and in the three areas described above, this Master's Degree provides students with that knowledge and skills indispensable to be successful in different professional sectors, both national and international, and either in public, private or non-profit organizations.

Last updated Dec 2020

About the School

ICADE Business School, as an integral part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University, benefits from a long history of training business professionals.

ICADE Business School, as an integral part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University, benefits from a long history of training business professionals. Read less