The Master's Degree in Geology and Environmental Management of Mineral Resources, offered by the Universities of Huelva and International of Andalusia, is geared towards specialization in the various aspects of mineral resources from a geological and environmental perspective. It has two curricular itineraries: Geology, Exploration and Evaluation of Mineral Resources, and Environmental Analysis and Management of Mineral Resources. In addition, the option of the curriculum gives the opportunity to direct the training towards research or towards more technical or professional aspects of the exploration and management of mineral resources.

Its main objective is to provide an integrative teaching of the earth and environmental sciences in the research and management of mineral resources in a sustainable way. The Master provides a specialization in the methodology and techniques applied to the study of mineral deposits, and to the analysis, control and remediation of pollution related to active and abandoned mining, through numerous field practices and in companies in the mining sector.

The master has a duration of 1 year with a total load of 60 ECTS credits, distributed in 10 credits in two compulsory subjects, 40 credits in optional subjects and 10 credits of the final master's project. The type of teaching is face-to-face with the support of the Moodle platform for distance learning for all courses or subjects. The classroom teaching will take place from the second week of January to the third week of June, in the morning and afternoon. Subsequently, the studies continue with the completion of the final master's work, until the academic year is completed.123739_pamukkale-57e4dc4443_640.jpg


Due to the wide type of mineral resources that are known and the diversity of the environmental aspects that are involved in its exploitation, the program is directed especially towards metallic mineral deposits, without forgetting other mineral resources, because it has the most complex study methodology and, also, the environmental problems related to its exploitation are the most complex and have the greatest impact. Specialists trained in this way will have sufficient knowledge and skills to address studies and problems, which are related to other non-metallic mineral resources.

The program also aims to contribute to increasing sensitivity for environmental protection, an issue that has very often been divorced from the exploitation of mineral resources, especially in countries of medium or low social economic development and / or that lack adequate mining and environmental legislation.

The studies will provide an introduction to research and specialization in the methodology and techniques applied to the study of mineral deposits. As well as, in the applicable methodologies and techniques: to environmental impact studies, necessary to address any exploitation of mineral resources; to the studies, control and remediation of pollution related to active and abandoned mining work.

This specialized training will be of interest both in research training, and from a professional point of view. The option of the curriculum, gives the opportunity to those interested in orienting their training towards research or towards more technical or professional aspects of mineral resource management.


Students who access the Master must have a basic training in geological and environmental aspects related to mineral resources. Graduates who adapt to this training are graduates and graduates in Geology, Geological Engineers and Mining Engineers. Other students with related degrees in environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, marine sciences, and other engineering.

In the case of students who access without accrediting sufficient basic training, they will be recommended to follow up on some training complements through a distance learning platform.

Professional outings

The teachings of the Master are aimed at training, in the professional and research field, for the development, among others, of the following activities:

  • Scientific and technical advice in the field of mining and environment.
  • Preparation of geological and thematic cartographies in the field of geological-mining and environmental.
  • Studies and geological, geochemical, petrographic, mineralogical and other techniques applicable to geological materials.
  • Studies and remote sensing projects and geographic information systems applied.
  • Modeling and evaluation of deposits.
  • Preparation of reports, studies and projects for research and exploitation of mineral resources.
  • Research, development and quality control of rocks and minerals.
  • Rational planning and exploitation of mineral and environmental resources.
  • Technical management, supervision and monitoring of geophysical and geochemical campaigns.
  • Technical management and supervision of survey surveys, sampling, "in situ" tests and laboratory tests.
  • Quality control for the geological characterization of land.
  • Studies, reports and analysis projects for the treatment of mining pollution problems.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Preparation and management of plans and projects for restoration of spaces affected by extractive activities.
  • Studies and projects of protection and decontamination of soils altered by mining activities.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Geología y Gestión Ambiental de los Recursos Minerales

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