Official Master's Degree in Finance


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Program Description

What is the Official Master's Degree in Finance?

The Official Master's Degree in Finance is organized by the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), through the ICADE Business School. It is the first Official Master's Degree to be accredited by the National Securities Market Commission (“Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores” in Spanish) for themes related to MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).

This Master´s Degree offers a well-rounded education and training in Finance and allows students to understand current economic and financial phenomena, as well as to analyze and manage the savings and investments of companies. The program is especially recommended for those who would like to work in the Financial Sector (including Insurance), Financial Auditing-Consulting, or in Financial Departments at a wide range of companies or institutions.

Training is provided in the use of the latest techniques for data analysis.

These studies train students in the use of the latest techniques for data analysis, promoting the use of technological tools in the professional field, and ensuring a wide knowledge of different products and their management in Banking, Markets, Investment, Corporate Finance, and any other area of the Financial World. The program can be taken entirely in English or as a bilingual program, with professional internships available in the financial area, as well as periods of international study abroad in other prestigious Business Schools. Training in Data Processing and Analysis can be enhanced by completing the Diploma “Foundations in Business Analytics”.

Our students say the following

Many people like you are already making the most of their Master's Degree. Here are their experiences.

"This degree provides an excellent education and training, which provide the foundation to develop a successful professional career in an area in high demand at companies." Guillermo Sánchez

"It has allowed me to specialize in a booming sector with many job opportunities." Paula Conejos

"These studies will allow you to develop your talents to the fullest and respond perfectly to the needs of the market, given their international perspective." Giorgo Bertelli

Applicant Profile

The Official Master's Degree in Finance is designed for candidates who:

  • Have recently completed a university degree and are interested in working in the financial sector.
  • Already have brief work experience in this area and will join a company's financial department.
  • Currently work in a specific area of the financial sector and wish to gain a more comprehensive and in-depth perspective of the sector or other financial areas.
  • Wish to become specialized in an area within finance or the financial sector.

The following are required in order for the candidates to reach the objectives of the Master´s program:

  • B2 level of English.
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize.
  • Ability to organize, plan, and work in a team.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Knowledge of mathematics.
  • Knowledge of the IT tool Excel.


Candidates must hold or be able to justify that they will soon be awarded a Licentiate Degree, Degree in Engineering or in Architecture, or equivalent degree from a foreign university.

Career & Academic Prospects

Graduate Profile

This Official Master's Degree in Finance provides its students with the necessary competences to pursue a career in the financial, credit or insurance industry, or companies' financial departments, or to carry out consulting and auditing tasks. Our graduates are capable to occupy, among others, the functions of accounting analyst, technical analyst, financial statements analyst, accounting auditing, management supervision, operation in national and international markets, investment valuation and analyst, portfolio management, resource management, and corporate financial debt management, equity management, risk financial management, compliance, consulting tasks in mergers and acquisitions, economic and financial environment analysis, structuring of derivatives and Project Finance manager.

Academic Opportunities

On the other hand, the Official Master's Degree in Finance enables its graduates to access an official Ph.D. program pursuant to Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, which regulates official Ph.D. studies.

Last updated Oct 2020

About the School

ICADE Business School, as an integral part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University, benefits from a long history of training business professionals.

ICADE Business School, as an integral part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University, benefits from a long history of training business professionals. Read less