Official Master in Forestry Engineering


Program Description


This Master completes the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area of forestry studies. The qualification qualifies for the exercise of the profession of Engineer of Forests. Engineer of mountains is a highly qualified profession that, far from being obsolete, accepts the challenges of conservation, protection and management of the natural environment in such a changing world. The ETSI offers a professional Master in Forestry Engineering.


The Master's Degree in Forestry Engineering is intended, preferably, for students graduated from a Bachelor's Degree in Forestry and Natural Environment Engineering, as well as the current Forestry Technical Engineers, which are the degrees linked to the exercise of the profession of Forestry Technical Engineer.

They can also access, by completing the training complement adapted to each case, people in possession of other university degrees linked to the natural environment, for example Agricultural Engineers or Graduates in Environmental Sciences.Log pile by the woods Jace


General structure of the Master: 90 ECTS in three mandatory modules and 4 intensification options

Compulsory subject modules 20 ECTS

  • I - Forest Industries and Energies
  • II - Forest planning and improvement at territorial level
  • III - Organization of Companies and Forest and Natural Environment Policy

Optional subject modules 18 ECTS

  • IV - Transversal Intensifications and Electives
  • Transversal optional subjects

Final Master's Degree 12 ECTS

Academic Outputs

The natural Academic exit of the Master's Degree in Forestry Engineering is the PhD in Industrial and Environmental Science and Technology. The Official Doctoral Program in Industrial and Environmental Science and Technology (verified in accordance with RD 99/2011), consists of the following lines of research that appear below and which students can access.

  • Environmental analysis, bioanalysis and biotechnology
  • Environmental biology
  • Industrial biorefinery and forest technology
  • Homogeneous catalysis and organic photochemistry
  • Science and technology of the environment
  • Earth sciences
  • Process and chemical engineering
  • Electrical, electronic, control and robotics engineering
  • Physics, mathematics and computing

Professional outings

  • Environmental services companies: drafting of projects for the management, protection and efficient use of the natural resources of forests, pastures, grasslands, wetlands, mountain areas and other natural areas; execution of works of exploitation, maintenance and conservation of the forest and natural environment; management of hunting and river fishing preserves; construction of rural roads, infrastructure for public use and livestock infrastructure; recreational services in the natural environment; implementation and audit of quality systems, environmental management systems and sustainable forest management protocols; creation, management and maintenance of urban green areas.
  • Industries linked to forest products such as sawmills, wood construction, cellulose industry, boards, cork industry, biomass use, use of other renewable energies.
  • Public administration: prevention and fight against forest fires; protection of the natural environment; land planning; biodiversity conservation. Environmental expert in municipalities, associations or councils.
  • Other organizations: associations of producers of wood, cork and forest products in general; associations of manufacturers of products derived from the forest environment; conservation organizations; foundations for the management and protection of natural spaces; public or private research centers (direct access to doctoral studies).

Admission requirements

The Master can be accessed from the following degrees:

  1. Official title of Forest Engineer.
  2. Official degree of Degree in Engineering, of the Forestry branch that qualifies for the exercise of the profession of Forest Technical Engineer.
  3. Official title of Technical Engineering of the Forest branch or the title of Forest Engineering. In both cases, training complements must be carried out.
  4. Graduates in Engineering of the forestry branch of any foreign university with the right of access to the Master's teachings in their country of origin, who wish to access the Master, may apply for admission to it once they have adapted their degree to any of the degrees of Degree with access.
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