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Program Description


The Environmental Engineering tries to train professionals for the protection of the environment in a double slope; On the one hand, it identifies, analyzes and evaluates environmental impacts; on the other, it applies the best technologies available at all times that allow the restoration of the environment disturbed by anthropic activity. The objective of the Master is to provide specialized academic training, covering the technological, economic, legal and environmental aspects of this activity.

The professionals graduated from these studies will have, consequently, a global vision of an economic sector, that of Environmental Engineering, which grows at rates higher than 30% per year and has created more than 200,000 net jobs in the last 7 years.

The collaboration of the Consortium of Companies allows to guarantee the adaptation of the training to the needs of a sector in which these companies are national leaders, and gives the option to carry out practices at the end of the Academic Program in a wide range of companies in the environmental sector.123746_pexels-photo-1108572.jpeg123746_pexels-photo-1108572.jpeg Singkham / Pexels

What is the Quality Mention of the Ministry of Equation and Science?

The Quality Mention is a recognition of the scientific / technical and training solvency of the PhD and Master's programs that get the mention, as well as of the groups and departments involved in them.

What advantages does it have?

Obtaining the mention of quality empowers the programs of the universities to participate in obtaining aid for the mobility of teachers and students in the specific call that will be made in due course by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The programs that obtain the Quality Mention will be integrated into a list of Quality Postgraduate Programs of the Spanish Universities, which will be public, and will constitute a reference of quality assurance that can be used, among others, for the following purposes:

  • Participation in national programs of subsidies and competitive aids for the promotion and promotion of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as human resources training policies in the aforementioned areas.
  • This reference will be used in the call for postgraduate scholarships of the National University Teacher Training Program.
  • Allocation of resources, both from the Institution itself and external, public or private.
  • Cooperation with the business sector, as well as with other national and international entities and institutions.


The Master is aimed at university graduates in engineering, architecture and science who are interested in guiding their professional activity towards the application and development of technologies for the diagnosis and resolution of environmental problems.

Professional outings

This master's degree is focused on the training of specialists that cover the professional vacuum in the area of environmental engineering, technicians specialized in the design, operation and maintenance of renewable energy facilities, with the depth of knowledge and the technical preparation necessary to face any project in this field. The job opportunities of the Environmental Engineer are very wide, among which we can highlight:

  • Design of treatment facilities
  • Development of instrumentation and methodologies for environmental quality control
  • Development of regulations and management strategies that minimize the impact on the environment
  • Development of tools and models for predicting the environmental impact of human activities
  • Environmental Research Directorate
  • Design and development of environmental restoration techniques
  • Environmental Quality Management
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