Official Master - Document Management, Transparency And Access To Information

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

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Official Master - Document Management, Transparency And Access To Information

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

The value of information in contemporary society, associated with technological change and a growing social demand regarding transparency in public administration and private corporations, can not be dissociated from document management, based on the quality of the documents in support of the information necessary for the development of the activity of organizations.

The combination of these factors leads to an expansion of the role of document management and file beyond the circumscribed to the processes of document production, spreading to an area aspects in which information strengthens its role in asset of organizations and, in parallel, their exploitation goes on to become a basic raw material for management, decision making and the creation of knowledge, either internally organizations, on a shared basis, or fully open.

That space in the methodology document and archive management overlaps with solutions and technology platforms, development of e-government, management interoperability, treatment of large volumes of data (Big Data), open access to information (Open Data), etc., determines the need for specific training that responds to a growing demand for experts with appropriate training for inclusive practice of these resources and policy approaches.


Career prospects

  • public administration, with document management services and archive centers custodians of documentary heritage, at different levels: state, national, regional, departmental, regional and local administration.
  • Organizations, private entities and companies: document management services and files universities, professional associations, educational institutions, financial institutions, health and clinical sector, professional offices, media.
  • Companies of archival and documentary services: consulting, file organization, strategic plans, scanning services, document security systems, digital preservation, document management applications.


Description Master

The master, which consists of 60 total ECTS, will run along a course divided into two semesters. The curriculum is structured around 8 modules mandatory with a load of 6 ECTS each, except for the modules 6 (Processes and methodological and technical instruments), with 9 ECTS, and 8 (Work Master's Thesis ) with 15 ECTS.
The first two modules (1 - International norms and standards document management and archives and 2 - open government, transparency and access to information) introduce the students to the knowledge of the legal, regulatory i conceptual aspects related to document management, policies document management and information models.
Module 3 (3 - Open Data and reuse of information) considers both technological and legal aspects related strategic use of information and documents.
Module 4 (4 - Document Management Systems for. Implementation, Audit and Certification) is the conceptual and technical in relation to the requirements of document management systems in the process of implementation, auditing and certification aspects.
Module 5 (5 - preventive conservation and risk analysis) focuses preferentially with regard to strategies and resources to ensure the survival of electronic documents over time and prevent unwanted effects of bad practices and obsolescence.
Module 6 (6 - Processes and methodological and technical instruments) delves into the more technical aspects of document management and its practical application in relation to the systems of electronic document management.
Module 7 (7 - Dissemination, marketing and communication strategies), it focuses on the use of information and documents in different contexts and processes of communication and diffusion from the own techniques of marketing directory.
With the module 8 (8 - Master's Thesis) students it raises the practical translation of the knowledge acquired to real cases and / or analysis and conceptual and methodological development.

Structure of the curriculum


OB: Compulsory


Admission Profile

The Master is aimed at people with a university degree and professional experience, who wish to continue their education in the field of document management and archiving, both in the public and private sectors.
It is especially suitable for people who by their training and professional activity are linked to document management, information and files and want to develop projects information services, information reuse, Open Data, Big Data, open administration, both in administrative environments on historical documentation.
Students must have capacity for innovation, organization, planning, communication, and interdisciplinary and team work.

Basic skills

  • Knowledge and understanding that provide a basis or opportunity for originality in developing and / or applying ideas, often in a research context.
  • That the students can apply their knowledge and their ability to solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their field of study.
  • That students are able to integrate knowledge and handle complexity, and formulate judgments based on information that was incomplete or limited, includes reflections on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments.
  • Students can communicate their conclusions and the knowledge and rationale underpinning to specialists and non-specialists in a clear and unambiguous manner.
  • Students must possess the learning skills that enable them to continue studying in a way that will be largely self-directed or autonomous.

Specific skills

  • Apply legal norms and standards related to the management of documents and files in the project development and evaluation.
  • Develop and implement information policies and its subsystems (document management, web, etc.).
  • Design, implement and manage Document Management Systems.
  • Evaluate and select tools document management file according to use and needs.
  • Designing systems risk analysis and preservation of electronic documents.
  • Design and manage systems based on Open Data information and reuse of information.
  • Develop marketing and communication services document management, archiving and information.
  • Integrate knowledge and skills in professional practical exercise and the development of an academic work.

transversal competences

Masters titles, UAB treated as equivalent concepts of general competence and cross competition.

  • Think critically and demonstrate ethical and social commitment and have respect for diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Demonstrate leadership and initiative and generate innovative and competitive proposals.
  • Analyze, synthesize, organize and plan environments and management actions.
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Oct. 2018
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