Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: Chemical Technology at the Frontier Master Programme

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Program Description

Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: Chemical Technology at the Frontier Master Programme

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: Chemical Technology at the Frontier Master Programme

The aim of this programme is to train new professionals in the field of nanotechnology, materials and chemical engineering. It is of particular interest for graduates in any of the branches of the experimental sciences and technologies (chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology, physics, quantum chemistry, biological chemistry, microbiology, etc.) and it clearly prepares them for future research.

The students will acquire the skills required for them to join universities, research institutes, industry and services with a strong sense of innovation, development and entrepreneurial vision.

The Master’s Degree has been awarded with the distinction of "International Master's Programme" by the AGAUR, the Agency for the Management of University Grants and Research of the Catalan Government. This award recognizes the international nature of the master’s programme and, at the same time, boosts its international renown.

Career opportunities

The master programme, in addition to provide knowledge and skills, represents a trampoline for students who want to develop research, development and innovation in universities, research institutes and industries based on news scientific and technical knowledge.

  • Research at Universities and Research Institutes. The master is the entrance door to PhD studies and the further career as researcher.
  • Research, development and innovation in both industries based on new scientific and technical knowledge (biotechnology, microelectronics, telecommunications, energy storage, new materials, etc.) as in traditional industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, ceramics, textiles, etc.) interested in innovation processes.
  • Management, control and strategic planning of nanotechnological techniques, products and processes in the electronics industry, telecommunications, biomedicine, biotechnology, pharmacology, etc.



Student Profile

The Master’s Degree is designed for candidates holding a bachelor’s degree in any of the branches of the experimental sciences and technologies: chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology, physics, materials, quantum chemistry, biological chemistry, microbiology, etc.). It clearly prepares students for future careers in research.

FIRST YEAR: Compulsory subjects

  • Product and Process Design**
  • Materials Science and Engineering**
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology**
  • Design, Planning and Management of Research**
  • Disciplinary Seminars
  • Final Master's Project**

** These subjects make up the competences requiered for the subject Career Counselling Citizenship.


In this section you will find the list of all the optional subjects on the curriculum. Before you select the subjects you wish to register for, please make sure that they have been activated


  • Macro and Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Numerical Calculus
  • Avanced Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation
  • Introduction to Computacional Chemistry

Tools and Processes

  • Nanosensors
  • Nanofabrication and Nanoprocessing
  • Clean Room Processes
  • Introduction to Characterization Techniques Experimental Design
  • Experimental Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Tools for the Design and Sustainable Production of Structured Foods


  • Membrane and Microcapsule Technology
  • Science and Technology of Aerosols
  • Surfaces and Nanostructuring
  • Materials: Symmetry and Properties
  • Nanostructured Polymeric Materials
  • Nanocatalysis


  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanoscale Biochemistry
  • Biophysics
  • Chemoinformatics Applied to Nutritional Research

Admission qualifications

Official university degrees in the scientific-technological disciplines and the health sciences.

Documents required

  • CV
  • Transcript of records of the University degree that gives access to the master
  • Letter of motivation/Declaration of Intent
  • Accreditation of knowledge of English

Selection criteria

The selection of pre-registered students will take into account the following criteria:

  1. Suitability of the access degree: Up to 20 points. Degrees will be graded using the following scale: a. Graduates in the field of engineering, natural sciences and health sciences: up to 20 points.
    b. Other: 0 points.
  2. Transcript of records of the university degree that gives access to the master: up to 40 points.
  3. Higher competence in English than the minimum required (Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or equivalent). In the unlikely event that the student cannot demonstrate this level, there will be an oral interview in which the reading, writing and listening level will be assessed): up to 20 points.
  4. Other training (courses, seminars and other training activities, supported by the adequate accreditation documents) relevant to the content of the master’s degree: up to 10 points.
  5. Extended visits to English-speaking countries (at least 12 weeks, accredited by the appropriate documents): up to 10 points.
  6. However, when there is no shortage of places on the course, students may be admitted without being prioritized on merit.
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