Multidisciplinary Design Innovation - MSc/MA

Northumbria University, Newcastle Business School

Program Description

Multidisciplinary Design Innovation - MSc/MA

Northumbria University, Newcastle Business School

Next Generation Management Thinking & Practice

This exciting and groundbreaking postgraduate course combines the strengths of design, business and technology to create management thinking, innovation and practice for the next generation.

Working in multi-disciplinary teams on projects sponsored by leading international companies, you will gain invaluable experience in defining and resolving complex issues in new, exciting and innovative ways.

Why study Multidisciplinary Design Innovation?

Business Week’s Bruce Nussbaum says that ' Innovation, design and technology are all flowing into one another to form a single river of roaring change radically altering our culture, and especially our business culture.'

A revolution is taking place within the design as it emerges from its traditional role of serving commerce to leading, shaping and directing the way we live, work and behave. This shift is leading organisations to recognise the importance of 'Design-Thinking' in business strategy; the need to apply creative capability and advanced innovation in new product, service and business development to achieve competitive advantage.

Commisioned by Gordon Brown PM, Sir George Cox, author of The Cox Review of Creativity in Business, notes: “One of the challenges is to get business people, engineers, technologists and designers to understand one another better and to speak the same language.” This programme is all about developing Masters graduates who have a deep knowledge of their core discipline and a broad outlook and confidence in complementary ones so that they become expert interfacers, influencers and innovators.

What will this course include?

You will work with a multi-disciplinary cohort of students with backgrounds in design, engineering and business. You will be given the freedom and tools to explore and experiment with ideas using your core knowledge and experience together with that of your peers as a starting point for understanding the role that you can play in innovation. You will leave behind ‘safe solutions’ and actively seek out innovative and creative new concepts and ideas to solve industry identified problems.

In this programme, designers will design, engineers will engineer and business people will do business. They will build upon their core knowledge and experience working together defining and solving problems posed to them by industry. Through working together they will learn about the values and practices of the complementary disciplines and how to engage with them in a common pursuit.

Using the full spectrum of methods and practices of the multidisciplinary group, your projects may involve activities as diverse as role-playing and finite element analysis, cash-flow forecasting and building prototypes using cardboard and string, brand strategy and story-telling, film-making and writing computer code; whatever it takes to uncover, develop and explain new ideas!

The programme structure and assessment strategy are designed to encourage experimentation, trial and error and creative risk-taking in pursuit of a deeper knowledge of how to use creativity in a business innovation context.

Who will you learn from?

You will learn from each other sharing your expertise with each other whilst building exciting foundations of research and exploration. You'll have at your fingertips some of the most creative, strategic and inquisitive minds and talent of your generation; you being one of them. You'll take knowledge and guidance from the academic staff of the three schools who have the perfect blend of industry experience and education know-how.

Alongside this, you'll absorb the knowledge and expertise of both national and international organisations that not only recognise the importance of bringing a creativity led approach to their specialist area but also understand the importance of the multidisciplinary approach to achieve this. These organisations will value your input so much that they are prepared to fund your exploration and assign staff to engage in the process and share their knowledge with you.

Who will this course suit?

You will be a graduate from either a design, engineering technology or business background, and will have a strong desire to move on in your career through creating new dialogues and energy around emerging areas of practice. It Is for those who are not afraid of the future; who are so inquisitive about the world that they’re prepared to move out of their comfort zone and learn what others do in order to help shape it.

You are likely to be:

* Passionate about innovation in business, technology and/or design
* Innovative and creative, with a fresh perspective on the world
* A collaborator; good at working with people and not afraid to take the lead
* An adventurer - someone unafraid to explore new territory and new ways of travelling
* Experimental - someone who enjoys testing and refining new ideas

* A researcher with a people focus - keen to employ new methods to gain insight
* A strong organiser who can inspire people and manage complex projects with ease
* A problem solver who will work tirelessly to find the right solution

What sort of career will it lead to?

You will take what you know and investigate the knowledge and approach of others to enhance and further develop the fields within your industry and the possibilities of others. You can be an Innovator, an Inventor, or an Influencer be it in brand management, innovation research, business development or simply strategic development.

This revolutionary idea to a multi-disciplinary innovative 'design thinking' approach in Industry allows you to map out and explore territory you never thought you’d be a part of whether it be pushing the boundaries of technical feasibility, commercial viability or enhancing the desirability.

You will enter the professional world with a much broader understanding of how to use your specialist skills in a more creative and integrated way. You will be able to synthesise your experience gained from the programme in a way that allows you to identify new opportunity and communicate this with others. It is likely you will add more value to the organisations you work with and become able project managers and leaders within business and commerce.

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