Msc in Science, Conservation & Valorization of Marine Resources


Program Description

Engage in an interdisciplinary approach to appraise marine biological resources and their scientific, economic and social values.

  • Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
  • FI (initial training)/FC (executive training)/FP (continued training)
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Location: Sophia Antipolis (campus Lucioles), Nice (campus Valrose)
  • Language: English
  • Website:

As we are only now beginning to uncover the role of the ocean in our society, it's crucial to bring together scientific, economic and societal stakeholders. The greater understanding of marine ecosystems offered by scientists is now opening up brand new socio-economic opportunities. The idea: develop our knowledge of the ocean to better value and protect its resources.



Our interdisciplinary approach, combined with innovative learning methods, empowers students to become academic scientists, conservation specialists, entrepreneurs, or all of the above. Whatever their preference, graduates will be the open-minded specialists our societies need to solve current and emerging ocean-related challenges.

To become such talented professionals, our students...

  • acquire high-level scientific knowledge, develop critical thinking and adopt the scientific approach in any circumstance
  • aid decision making by learning how to assess ecosystem health and environmental impacts of projects with up-to-date techniques and tools (EIA, GIS, etc.) and by adapting their communication to a targeted audience
  • appraise current and emerging marine societal challenges, and possible solutions, taking into account the development level of a country.
  • become entrepreneurs by developing their skills in project management, business administration, marine legislation, and intellectual property protection.

Program and content

The innovative and interdisciplinary approach aims to comprehend the intertwined scientific, societal and economic aspects of the ocean. In MARRES, marine science combines with biotechnology, law, analysis tools, and entrepreneurship. 10 cumulative months of internships, real-life and long-term projects developed with laboratories, NGOs, governments, and companies enable students to specialize in science, conservation or valorization of marine resources.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees: 4000€ per year - The tuition fee may be lowered according to your residence status, namely if you are a resident of an EU country, and the income of the household.



  • Students enrolling in the first year should be proficient in English and to be comfortable with biological and ecological basics with a bachelor or “license” (French term) in a relevant field. They should be curious and open-minded, especially in terms of the socio-economic implications of science.
  • Students having a limited background in biological science and/or ecology (such as business or management majors) should pass a GRE Biology test prior to the application.
  • Students with a strong background in biology, ecology and/or oceanography (coming from another master-level program) may apply for second-year admissions. A jury will investigate the viability of such a project.
  • Students unable to attend the program on-site (such as employed students or those with medical restrictions) can apply for the online option. However, their presence is required for a fixed period of time each semester.

Future careers

The MSc MARRES program allows the students to continue to Ph.D. programs, as a prelude to their future academic career. Students will have the opportunity to develop local or international conservation projects. They may also work in the private sector, in modeling the marine environment, becoming project leaders, project managers, or auditors for organizations connected with environmental issues. Finally, they may become entrepreneurs by creating green (or blue) start-ups valorizing the countless marine resources that they will help to protect.


Last updated Dec 2019

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