In the professional circles that make up the broad field of communication, productive processes are nowadays constantly changing. The boundaries between areas, functions and occupations are fluid and dynamic. And the market is therefore looking for professionals who are also adaptable, dynamic and versatile. The hybrid professional profile is definitely highly valued.

This master's degree responds to this market need, based on the teaching and acquisition of audiovisual and media production skills, which are fundamental for professionals in different areas - such as marketing, organizational communication, advertising, public relations or journalism, among others - play a differentiating and indispensable role in a market as demanding and challenging as today.


  • It provides innovative and pioneering training that articulates the areas of Communication, Technology and Design.
  • It contributes to the training of creative professionals, entrepreneurs, autonomous and capable of designing, producing or managing the most diverse audiovisual and multimedia content.
  • Throughout the Master, students will develop their portfolio, which will have at least 4 projects, which can be decisive in their entry into the job market or career leverage.
  • It has technological modules and teaching methodologies organized in PBL (project based learning) that can stimulate students' creativity in the learning process and the subsequent application of acquired knowledge.
  • It creates conditions for students to master languages and technological tools that allow them to use this knowledge in the creation of communication projects in a multimedia environment.


The Factory is IADE special project agency. Its main mission is to leverage IADE reputation and brand recognition. In this unit, where value and knowledge are manufactured, the relationship between students, teachers, laboratories and civil society is clearly emphasized.

Factory projects are essentially defined in three lines of action: parallel manufacturing (development of extracurricular projects); curricular fabrication (projects within the academic context and in collaboration with civil society partners) and future fabrication (research applied to the development of projects designed and created from scratch).


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4th Semester

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese

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Last updated July 25, 2019
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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