Mastery of science with options for computing, applied mathematics


Program Description

The Master of Science with option to Computation or Applied Mathematics, is based on its two terminal areas, the student will have a thesis tutor appointed from the second semester to ensure a personalized attention that will guide you to organize, plan and develop your protocol , besides giving him the possibility to develop his abilities and generate his own needs to face the problematic of his line of research and that will develop in the seminars of investigation.

The student, together with his tutor, will be able to select the topics to complement his training in the chosen line. The tutor will also be able to recommend the mobility and the realization of stays of research at national level and of international preference for curricular courses and research activities that contribute to the quality of the research done by the student.

The Master's Degree is addressed to graduates in the areas of Computer Systems, Computer Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Technology or related areas.

The graduates will be able to do research and participate in the generation of knowledge of the fields in Computing and Applied Mathematics; as well as to identify practical problems and reach the solution of the same applying the knowledge and skills acquired.

The research lines offered by the Master are:

  • Computing - Software Engineering.
  • Computation - Artificial Intelligence.
  • Applied Mathematics and Modeling.

General objective

To train human resources with academic quality, with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to apply and generate knowledge, as well as to carry out technological development, in order to contribute in the solution of problems related to Computation or Applied Mathematics in the academic, scientific sector and / or productive.

The above making use of theoretical and experimental results achieved in a systematic way and with the support of the scientific method, involving methods of applied mathematics and computer science, such as analytical, synthetic, inductive and deductive reasoning , and encouraging the student to carry out research activities in a specific area and to apply, in a comprehensive and creative way, the fundamentals of computation and applied mathematics.

Particular objectives

Option to Computing

To train human resources with academic quality, capable of applying and generating knowledge of border issues in the area of ​​study, using simulation and optimization techniques with the support of specialized software and analyzing and / or creating computer science methodologies, as well as to carry out technological development in the solution of problems of the academic, scientific and productive sector.

Option in Applied Mathematics

To train human resources with academic quality able to apply and generate knowledge in the area of ​​Applied Mathematics, as well as to design and develop mathematical models that support the analysis, decision making and problem solving of the academic, scientific and / or productive sector.

Egress's profile

Upon completion of the Master of Science, the student will have the following knowledge, skills and attitudes:


  • Knowledge in the area of ​​his specialty: Computation or Applied Mathematics.
  • In simulation and optimization techniques with support of specialized software, as well as in theories related to algorithms.
  • The theoretical bases and of the experimental methods, developing an ample knowledge of the phenomena of stochastic nature.
  • Of the scientific method.
  • Of the methodologies and tools for the technological development.


  • Analytical ability achieving a balance between the ability to solve technological problems and to develop basic research, in order to participate in the generation of border knowledge.
  • To apply and generate knowledge of computer science or applied mathematics.
  • Ability to develop professionally in the academic, business, and public and private institutions.
  • Ability to become a teacher in any educational institution.
  • To identify needs and problems and carry out projects in their solution in the field of computer science or applied mathematics.
  • Ability to continue with their scientific preparation through a doctorate, to participate in the academic and industrial field in basic scientific and technological development activities on some subject of applied mathematics or computing.
  • To apply the appropriate models, methodologies and tools to generate scientific and technological products that contribute to the efficient resolution of real-life problems.
  • To interact with research groups in the different areas of knowledge, being able to identify and solve problems that require mathematical and / or computational solutions.
  • To apply the most modern theory, methodologies and techniques of applied mathematics and computation, by addressing the following substantive activities: addressing technological problems and professional practice, conducting scientific research and participating in teaching at the higher level.
  • Ability to apply specialized techniques in software development and management of scientific analysis tools and learn to write scientific articles.
  • Ability to join scientific research projects and / or technological projects required by computer science or applied mathematics.
  • To communicate oral and written research results in different academic forums in both Spanish and English.


  • For independent work and conform or participate in work teams, always with a spirit of constructive criticism.
  • Self-learning, to create a habit of study that allows you to assimilate knowledge and develop your skills


  • Be responsible, honest and with academic and scientific rigor, for the application and generation of knowledge, as well as for the technological development that is presented for the benefit of society.
  • Ethics to recognize and respect the academic and scientific work of other people and to know the scope of their work.
  • Discipline, which allows you to fulfill your duty and goals in time and form.
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