To train human resources capable of designing, applying and analyzing knowledge and methodologies, to contribute to the evaluation of real estate, operating companies and investment projects in the region and in the country, with current value criteria that give sustenance to solve problems arising from growth of the market of tangible and intangible goods, through a solid and integral formation, with a positive attitude and open to change, with a social commitment that allow it to compete in the national and international market.


For this mastery, the following desirable qualities of the aspirant are required:

  • Be interested in the valuation area.
  • Be a responsible person, committed to your training.
  • Be able to analyze problems and propose solutions.
  • Ability to analyze.
  • Have an attitude of professional improvement.
  • Be able to work as a team.
  • Knowledge and management of software, tools and measurement devices will be the most appropriate to support your work.


The graduate of the Master in Valuation will obtain the following knowledge, skills, attitudes and values:

Knowledge of:

  • Theories of valuation.
  • Techniques and methods for valuation.
  • Instruments of measurement, representation and systematization of the phenomena involved in their projects and researches that must be used.
  • Will have knowledge of financial engineering and administrative and accounting processes.
  • Basic research methods and procedures and their application.
  • The techniques of statistics applied to valuation.
  • Skills for:
  • Solve problems in an original and creative way of working, professional and daily life.
  • Work in multidisciplinary groups.
  • Analyze and diagnose the problem under study and develop solutions and / or value judgments.
  • Detect and monitor and / or measure the parameters involved in the project or research.
  • Investigate, quantify, model and evaluate valuation phenomena.
  • Present and support projects, expertise and studies that you do individually or as a team.
  • To carry out advisory and consulting work.
  • Write technical documents.
  • Valuing tangible and intangible goods.
  • Manage basic and specialized software in a valuation area.
  • Design projects related to valuation.
  • Valuing tangible and intangible assets and developing and analyzing investment projects in the region and in the country, using objective methodologies and updated technologies.

Attitudes of :

  • Conscience, responsibility and ethics of man with his political, social and economic environment.
  • Openness in the integration of multidisciplinary groups.
  • Self-learning and self-training.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Service and social responsibility.
  • Provision for continuous professional updating.
  • Commitment to future generations in the achievement of sustainable development through their professional activity, in the search for a better quality of life for humanity.
  • Positive to change.

The Master in Valuation requires the following values :

  • Commitment.
  • Honesty.
  • Ethics.
  • Responsibility.
  • Respect.


  • Comply with what is stipulated in the General Regulation of Teaching in force.
  • Approve the institutional review.
  • Pass the basic knowledge test.
  • Obtain a favorable personal interview with the Council
  • Academic.
  • Demonstrate understanding of a second language.


With regard to the requirements for the permanence of the students in the master's program will be in accordance with everything established in the General Teaching Regulations.


To obtain the degree of Master in Valuation will comply with what is established in the General Teaching Regulations.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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July 2020
2 years
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July 2020
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July 2020

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