Mastery in higher education

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Mastery in higher education

ISAE Universidad


Career Description

The race of Master's Degree in Higher Education, Constitutes a scientific and integral formation that allows the graduated the development and educational development in the current university education.

It is a career where the professional will develop competencies to design, develop and evaluate research relevant to the quality of higher education. This professional will be able to propose and reformulate curricula according to the university possibilities, as well as contribute to the elaboration of didactic proposals and evaluation strategies. It will also operate as an agent for transforming current teaching practices, generating innovative actions and a climate of institutional renewal.


  • Modality : Semipresencial - One subject per month
  • Class Hours : Monday to Friday 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm or Saturdays: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Title : Master's Degree in Higher Education

Graduate Profile

Knowing Knowing (Knowledge)

  • Application of knowledge typical of the teaching-learning process at university level.
  • Nature and types of university systems.
  • Structure and functioning of the didactic process in higher education
  • Technical-didactic and andragógica bases of the teaching and the face-to-face learning.
  • Teaching planning.
  • Of content with domain and relevance.
  • Evaluation of yields.
  • Management of new educational technologies.
  • Research of new technological trends applied to education.
  • Management of various groups of classes.
  • Development of new technological innovations and learning

Know-How (Skills)

  • Management of multimedia and technological resources.
  • Application of processes and procedures to plan, program and evaluate learning process.
  • Integration of technical knowledge for curricular planning and adaptation.
  • Interpretation of principles, processes linked to educational technology.
  • Analytics for the development of media processes.
  • Design of educational materials for diversified use.

Knowing Being (Attitudes)

  • Solid ethical and moral principles.
  • Cultural and philosophical formation.
  • Empathy and sensitivity for social cooperation.
  • Critical and collaborative teaching.
  • Initiative, creativity and sense of innovation.
  • Commitment and effort to achieve the goals.
  • Search and research spirit in your field.
  • Empathy and ability to establish good relationships.

Knowing Living (Skills)

  • Communicative
  • Systematic
  • Interpretive
  • Group management
  • Judging processes, results and learning products
  • Assertiveness in disciplinary interaction.


  • Adapting to change: it acts to the needs and transformations of the environment assimilating them as opportunities for improvement
  • Innovation: creates and applies new knowledge, perspectives and solutions in the different dimensions of university activity
  • Leadership: motivates and directs people, considering common goals of the organization and assuming risks, decisions and responsibilities
  • Teamwork: identified with common and institutional objectives and tasks
  • Planning: anticipates objectives and activities according to the time of learning, resources and professional priorities
  • Commitment: acts in accordance with the perception of goals, values ​​and challenges of the institution.


First quarter

  • MDS 001 Analysis of Current Trends in Higher Education
  • MDS 002 Theory of Learning
  • MDS 003 Communication and Educational Technology
  • MDS 004 Higher Education

Second term

  • MDS 005 Research Seminar
  • MDS 006 Superior Curricular Design and Development
  • MDS 007 Evaluation System Applied to Higher Education
  • MDS 008 Didactic Strategies for Distance and Live Environments


Third Semester

  • MDS 009 Administration of Higher Education
  • MDS 010 Pedagogical Mediation in Higher Education
  • MDS 011 Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Educational Projects
  • MDS 012 Option of Degree (Professional Practice, National or International Internship, General Examination of Knowledge, Support of a Final Project)
  • MDS 013 Update Seminar


  • Total Theoretical Hours : 624
  • Total Hours Practical : 0
  • Total Credit : 40
  • Total Subjects : 13
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Mar. 2019
12 months
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Panama - Panama City, Panama
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Mar. 2019
Panama - Panama City, Panama
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