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Theological education at Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan is aimed at training committed leaders who are pursuing a wide range of vocations including parish ministry, hospital chaplaincy, ecumenical movements, voluntary organizations, social work, the teaching profession, and more.

School of Theology of CJCU is the first school of its kind within the government accredited Educational system of Taiwan. The vision of the founding members of the University to create an academic space for the study of religion and faith find embodiment is set up the School of Theology in 2008.

School of Theology since its inception has welcomed a wide variety of scholars with diverse background and discipline from around the world to help our students became capable of addressing the needs of the global church. Student community demonstrates the strength of gender, ethnic, and national diversity.

Being an integral part of the university, our students are encouraged to take courses in other departments and hence cultivate an interdisciplinary method in their academic formation. School of Theology students are involved in all facets of the University’s vibrant student life and through that, they offer a Christian presence in the University.

School of Theology offers both bachelor and graduate degree programs. School of Theology is making plans to offer a globally competent Ph.D. program in collaboration with the leading centers of theological learning in the world.

Master of Theology

The Master of Theology degree program at School of Theology, Chang Jung Christian University is a research degree for those who seek to undertake scholarly research and reflection for various different ministries of the Church. The research degree is designed to expand and deepen theological knowledge of the students and to equip them with independent research skills for more advanced research degrees.

The medium of instruction is English and will address the demand for well-informed leaders of the Christian Churches around the globe. An international faculty with diverse theological and cultural background will guide students to comprehend the complex nature of the global community and the challenges of doing theology contextually.


M.Th degree involves two years of academic study including the writing of a Master’s thesis. The curriculum has a twofold focus. First, seminar courses for 30 credit hours, which includes 12 hours of required courses common for students belonging to various disciplines of theological knowledge. The required courses will offer a general orientation towards the interdisciplinary academic investigation of the Christian faith tradition in a multi-cultural and multi-religious social context. Second, the students will be given the opportunity to specialize and write a Master's thesis in one of the four research disciplines: biblical studies, systematic theology, contextual theologies, and theological ethics.

Admission requirements

  1. Eligible candidates will already hold a 4-year (or equivalent) university degree plus the Master of Divinity (or equivalent) degree. Both prerequisite degrees must be from schools recognized by regional accrediting agencies.
  2. Proficiency in the English language. Candidates whose secondary and higher education was conducted in English may apply for exemption from the examination requirement.

Degree requirements

  1. Completion of seminar classes for a minimum total of 30 credit hours, of which 12 are required courses.
  2. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination at the completion of the coursework.
  3. Writing a research thesis of around 30,000 to 40,000 words on a topic approved by the graduate studies committee. The thesis will be written under the supervision of a faculty-appointed supervisor. The thesis should be submitted within 5 years after enrollment in the degree program.

Application procedure

An application form can be obtained from the International Office of Chang Jung Christian University.

Applications must be supported with the following documents.

  1. A recent curriculum vitae;
  2. Official Transcripts of marks (sent directly from the registrar of the schools attended) and photocopies of diplomas;
  3. A copy of scholarly articles or papers OR an essay of at least 400 words detailing the applicant’s perspective on theology and Christian ministry.
  4. Two letters of recommendation assessing the ability of the candidate to pursue graduate-level academic studies in English.

Objectives for M.Th Students

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Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) is a private university located in southern Taiwan. Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, CJCU is committed to developing the God-given gifts and ab ... Read More

Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) is a private university located in southern Taiwan. Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, CJCU is committed to developing the God-given gifts and abilities of each student within a culture of love, respect, and service. Read less