Masters of Education in Administration, Planning and Policy & Studies M. Ed (APPS)

The Open University Of Tanzania

Program Description

Masters of Education in Administration, Planning and Policy & Studies M. Ed (APPS)

The Open University Of Tanzania

The Objectives of the program are to:

  1. Provide opportunity for in-depth study of a defined area in administration and planning;
  2. Enhance candidates' capacity to critically analyze relevant issues in educational policy, planning and administration.

Courses of Study

Students registered in M.Ed. APPS by coursework and dissertation shall take the following courses:

Core Courses

OED 624 Development of Organization 2 20
OED 625 Educational Planning 2 20
OED 626 Research Methodology, Computer Application and Statistics 2 20
OED 627 Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation 2 20
OED 633 Human Resources Management and Development 2 20
OED 699 Dissertation 6 60


Candidates should select any 1 of the following courses which carry 2 units each.

OED 617 Gender Development and Education 2 20
OED 628 Organization and Administration of Primary and Secondary Education 2 20
OED 632 Economics of Education 2 20
OED 634 Educational Leadership 2 20

Minimum Entry Qualifications

The candidate of a Master's degree program shall hold either;

  1. A degree which is in the level of second class or above, or
  2. Unclassified degree which has a B grade or above, or
  3. A pass degree in which the candidate's performance in education was a B grade or above;


The candidate should satisfy the Faculty of Education that he/she has exhibited academic potential through extensive fieldwork, subsequent research experience and/or additional training.


  1. Candidates shall be registered to study a Master's degree through distance-self instructional methods either by thesis or by coursework followed by research leading to a dissertation.
  2. All candidates shall be allocated supervisor(s) appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education before the end of the coursework.
  3. A candidate intending to do a Masters program by thesis should have a long-term experience in research and data analysis and will have to abide by the following procedures:
    • Register as a provisional student after satisfying the admission requirements for the program.
    • Submit an acceptable statement of a research topic to the Faculty to obtain provisional registration, and
    • Submit within a period of six months a proposal to be approved by the Faculty Postgraduate Studies Committee and Senate to acquire full registration.
    • Acquire full registration within three months after the proposal is approved by Senate.
  4. For those intending to do Masters program by coursework and Dissertation deadline for registration shall be the end of the fourth week of the academic year.
  5. All candidates shall be required to have positive recommendations from two or three referees before they are registered.

Duration of Study

Candidates are normally expected to complete their Master's degrees within five years of registration. Failure by the candidate to complete the program within the specified time shall mean their discontinuation from the study unless the Senate approves the application for extension.

Evaluation of Master's Degree Programs

  • Candidates registered for the coursework and dissertation shall do continuous assessment and examinations. Before they can be allowed to proceed with dissertation research phase, candidates must successfully complete the coursework part with an average grade of 'B' (i.e. GPA of at least 3.0).
  • Candidates, studying by coursework shall take a total of 18 units. (i.e. 12 units of coursework and 6 units of dissertation).
  • Coursework and Dissertation Masters programs shall have the following mode of evaluation:
    • There shall be a timed test of 30%
    • There shall be supervised examinations worth 70% each.
    • A dissertation shall be evaluated independently and shall be worth 100%.

Cost & Fees

Non Tuition Fees

Application fee 30,000 30 30
Registration fee 50,000 100 100
ID processing 20,000 20 20
Student Organization fee (paid annually) 20,000 20 20
Quality assurance fee (paid annually) 20,000 20 40
Coursework Examination fee per paper 20,000 40 60
Plagiarism fee 20,000 20 20

Tuition Fee per Unit for Taught Masters Programs

Blended mode 220,000 100 200
Facilitation fee 50 50
Dissertation fee 220,000 100 200

Note: Facilitation is meant to cater for taxes, levies, postage cost, courier services, and phone call charges.This fee is also paid by Tanzanians residing outside Tanzania.

Other Recommended Direct Student Cost For Masters by Coursework/Dissertation Students

Research/Field Costs & Consultations 1,500,000 1,000
Books 300,000 300
Stationery 100,000 100
Dissertation production 300,000 300
TOTAL 2,200,000 1,700
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