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Program Description

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From August 2019, the Presbyterian College of Montreal and the Institute of Theology for La Francophonie (ITF) entered into a partnership to offer a graduate program. More specifically, this new program offers a 45-credit master's degree in Theological Studies with a particular emphasis on Practical Theology. At the end of this training, the diploma will be dispensed by the Presbyterian College according to its charter amended in 2010 by the National Assembly.

Foreign students will pursue this program through Laval University, on the basis of an agreement between the Presbyterian College of Montreal and Laval. Please contact us for more information on this option for graduate studies in Montreal.

Program overview

  • Offered in collaboration with Laval University and the Institut de Théologie pour la Francophonie
  • 45-credit advanced program in practical theology
  • 2 year program, assuming full time studies
  • Admission Requirements: Undergraduate Degree in Theology
  • Tuition: $ 500 per three credit course


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Objectives of the ITF and the Presbyterian College of Montéal for the MTS

Both (2) institutions desire to educate men and women and deploy them to be effective Christian leaders so that the Christian community plays a greater role in the overall mission. They want to train a new generation so that there is:

  • A growing number of pastors with a spiritual capacity for reflection with a view to establishing congregations of a missionary character
  • A growing number of founders and church planters qualified in French-speaking missions
  • A growing number of practitioners equipped with contextualization
  • A new set of articles on questions of practical theology, written, reviewed and published by French-speaking peers, and not translated from another language

Admission criteria

Applicants must hold a university degree in theology from an accredited public university or an ATS accredited educational institution, and have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.7. Students will be chosen on the basis of their academic background, but they will also have to demonstrate that they possess the spiritual and theological competence necessary for undergoing graduate practical training for a vocation of Christian ministry. Students will first apply to the ITF who will review their application and recommend their application to the Joint Committee which will determine their enrollment in the program. The official letter of acceptance to the program will be issued by the Presbyterian College. Applicants must be accepted by both (2) educational institutions.


The program

The following courses make up the Master's program in Theological Studies (Practical Theology):

  • THP 6000 (6 credits) - Orientation to Practical Theology
  • THP 6010/20 (6 credits) - Exploration seminars (Subject according to the student.)
  • THP 6200 (3 credits) - Observation internship (ecclesial or community context)
  • THP 6210 (6 credits) - Intervention internship (pastoral activity)
  • THP 6300/10 (6 credits) - Interpretative Methods in Biblical Studies
  • THP 6400 (3 credits) - Intercultural missiological exchange
  • THP 6500 (9 credits) - Integration essay
  • THP 6600/10 (6 credits) - Special subjects
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