Master's in Motion Graphics Design


Program Description

Master's in Motion Graphics Design

The Master's in Motion Graphics Design of 60 ECTS is obtained by completing the two postgraduate degrees of 30 ECTS each. These postgraduate degrees may be done either in one academic year or in different years. Alternatively, all postgraduate degrees which form part of a master can be done independently.


From the pioneering credits of Saul Bass and the visual experiences of Norman McLaren to the modern creations of Michel Gondry and Danny Yount, today graphics in the movement has found a new audiovisual space – film, television, internet...- new challenges and opportunities.

Identity and packaging for TV, Series and Movie headings, video clips, video projections, advertising, corporate audiovisual elements, audiovisual training support..., a workspace expansion for the new audiovisual designer.

An atmosphere in which the professional, in addition to competently managing tools and resources, needs the knowledge of media and competence in language and audiovisual resources, in order to successfully connect with the spectator/user of the 21st century.


To immerse the designer in a process of reflection and experimentation around animated graphics and audiovisual creation projects, providing in-depth knowledge of digital editing and composing tools which must not only serve as an immediate solution to the basic problems of creative production but also assist and support the designer as he works in the world of ideas.


This postgraduate course is organised in 4 modules and is completed upon handing in the Final Project.

  • Module I - Technologies (After Effects and Final Cut)
  • Module II - Workshops
  • Module III – Projects
  • Module IV - Audiovisual Culture


Edit: 11th Edition

Qualification: Postgraduate Degree in Motion Design accredited by the Universidad de Vic-UCC. Students without university degrees will receive a University Extension Studies Diploma.

Credits: 30 ECTS

School period: From October 7th, 2015 to June 2016. Final Project Presentation: June 2016

Timetable: Mondays and Wednesdays from 19h to 22h

Mode: On-site

Language: Spanish

Postgraduate's price: 3480 €

Master's price: 6600 €

Access: Graduates. Undergraduate degrees in Fine Arts and Design, and those related to the following professional categories: interior design, graphic design, industrial design and arts applied to clothing. Professionals from the sector without specific training but who can demonstrate professional expertise. Applicants will undergo a selection process for acceptance on the course.

Observations: Intensive Spanish course for foreign students willing to apply to the Master degree (optional course). From Sept. 10th to October, 2nd; from Monday to Friday (4h/day) – 395€.

Last updated January 2018

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