Masters in International Economics and Business


Program Description


The Master's degree in International Economics and Business (IEB) aims to train students at postgraduate level in such fields as international economics, international business management and international law. Mathematical techniques for optimising company management are also included in the programme.

This two-year Master’s degree, which is entirely taught in English and based in Vicenza, is open to graduates with a suitable background in economics who are interested in the international dimension of economic activity, both at the company level and from a macro perspective. Active student participation in lectures, seminars and projects is strongly encouraged, and every year several foreign professors are invited to give lectures on special parts of the programme.

The main areas covered in the Master’s degree include: the causes and consequences of international trade; the relationship between trade and development; the macroeconomic dynamics of open economies and international financial markets; international marketing and logistics; the management of groups and networks of internationalised companies; reporting and cost accounting; international and European law; international business law.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to understand the dynamics of international economy and trade, analyse the evolution of foreign markets and manage the operations of companies and enterprises that are actively engaged in international trade.


  • Duration: 2 years
  • Course type: Master's degree programme in International Economics and Business (code: LM-56)
  • Controlling body: Collegio didattico di economia e commercio
  • Type: Postgraduate - Master's degree programme
  • Address: Vicenza, Viale Margherita 87
  • Reference Department: Economics
  • Other Departments: Law, Business Administration
  • Broad area: Law and Economics
  • Narrow area: Law

Prospective students should read carefully the International page at the webpage of the University of Verona.

Programme description

This Master's degree programme taught in English, provides students with a solid knowledge of economics, particularly of the dynamics of international markets and companies that operate in the global market.

Graduates will be able to work in companies where a strong economic, commercial and legal background is essential, aimed at managing production factors and products coming from and destined for other countries; and where knowledge of the peculiarities of different national markets and the ability to manage the business combination are important.

These skills will be gained through an interdisciplinary programme combining economics, commerce, and law, focusing on the study of local production systems, economics, politics, financial markets and international development, as well as models and methods concerning logistics, marketing, and business management. This is all conceptualised within the institutional framework of international trade rules.

In addition to traditional lectures, the programme offers further modules and seminars held by foreign lecturers. Students are also encouraged to participate in international exchange programmes.


This programme aims to form professionals who can work in international institutions and companies in positions that require a high level of skills in analysing market trends and assessing companies’ competitive positions within the trends, as well as the ability to suggest the best actions to take to increase market penetration.


Call for applications for pre-admission to International Master’s degree programmes at the University of Verona, for non-Eu students holding a foreign academic degree and living outside the European Union.

For the academic year 2020/2021, 16 scholarships will be awarded to top candidates from non-Eu countries. Please read carefully the “Call for applications” for further information. Deadline for applications: 31 March 2020, 12.00 pm, noon (Italian time, GMT+1). Need help? Contact us at

You can find the Call for applications and further information at the following link:


The University of Verona offers a range of scholarships to reward excellent students and/or to help those from lower income families. Scholarships are intended to cover part of the Student’s living expenses for each year of study.

  • Scholarships funded by the University of Verona – International Master’s degrees a.y. 2020/2021
  • Tuition fees for non-EU students.
  • Tuition fees, taxes, reductions, benefits based on merit, and tax exemptions – Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
  • Regulations on student fees

·Part-time work for students


  • Scholarships funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Invest your Talent in Italy
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