Masters in Graphic Design


Program Description

The Master in Graphic Design arises from the need to fill the gap that is often created between the training paths commonly available on the market and the increasingly demanding requirements, in terms of skills and experience acquired, by the professional world.

That of the Graphic Designer, using for once an Italian name, is today a very complex profession but, at the same time, extremely stimulating. The fields of application are always those of the visual language, even if the ways in which the messages are conveyed have evolved and have changed considerably thanks to digital media.

Therefore, the Graphic Design professional is not only an expert in visual languages, but also a director of communication strategies based on the sign, which are expressed on physical media, in real places or virtual environments.


The Master in Graphic Design of the Academy of Communication is aimed at those who already possess graphic bases documented with a portfolio, who aspire to enter the world of Visual Communication with a major role in graphic design and who wish to acquire specific and concrete skills for seize adequately the multiple possibilities offered by this sector.

For those who want to take part in the Master but who, despite having a good starting point, do not possess all the necessary requirements, it is possible to evaluate the participation in a two-year course.


The teaching plan of the Master is aimed almost exclusively at acquiring a wealth of concrete experiences that will allow participants to create a final presentation portfolio. As analogous international experiences suggest, the best conclusion for a course of study in the field of Graphic Design is precisely that of a year dedicated to the application of all the skills and information acquired. The opportunities offered by the labor market, working both as freelance professionals and as collaborators of agencies or studies, must be seized in the most effective way. In this sense, the presentation of a good portfolio is the first step towards a professional path full of satisfactions.


The professors are Creative Directors, Graphic Designers, Illustrators and Experts of Visual Communication of the most important Italian and international companies.

For its history and the quality of the training methodology the Master has obtained the patronage of the Italian Art Directors Club.

The competences acquired in this Master are valid at EU level within the EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR PERMANENT LEARNING (EQF).

Study plan

The Master is characterized by a significant presence of practical exercises supported by a more classical teaching methodology, following the philosophy of the ancient "bottega" as a tool for rapid professional growth, effective and rich in experiences in the field.

The disciplines addressed are intended to investigate and deepen all the application areas of Visual Communication, from the most traditional and rich in history to those currently most interesting for content and market prospects.

After Effects | Preparations | Create digital magazines for iPads and tablets Creative production | Foundations of computer science Photography | Editorial graphics | Graphic Design Brief | Graphic mobile | Infographic | Brand and corporate image | Audio video editing Net art | Packaging | Advanced Photoshop | Post production 3D | Computer design | Social media creativity | Visiting professor workshop | Web design.

During the Master the students participate in national and international competitions and receive briefings from the Marketing Managers of Companies from which they are evaluated.

During the year, under the guidance of teachers and tutors, there are also:

  • Visiting Professor from abroad, for the realization of thematic workshops;
  • Real Briefs in collaboration with Public Bodies and Non-profit Organizations;
  • Participation in national and international competitions;
  • Project and realization of the portfolio.

Stage after the courses

The internships, foreseen at the end of each Course, are to be considered first of all as a period of perfecting one's own formation and secondly as a possible opportunity for future work. For these two reasons, the internship is not automatically decided on the basis of pre-existing agreements with pre-established number of companies, but assumes that every year a specific and precise request by the Company is made with respect to which the students are preselected by the Academy, sent to the selection interview and selected by the same company. It is therefore not only the curriculum and the guarantee that the Academy gives to the Company, but what the individual student during the interview will be able to demonstrate with regard to their abilities and the way of presenting themselves, which will determine the choice of the Company itself. .

Accademia's commitment to the organization of "ad personam" internships that is renewed every year without ever yielding to automatisms of fixed agreements, is aimed at encouraging the possibility that at the end of the internship the student will be confirmed with a contract.

After the master you will be able to work as:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital
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Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea.

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea. Read less