Masters in European Union Law


Program Description

The Faculty of Law of the West University of Timișoara runs a Master Program on European Union Law. Its main objective is that the students acquire the competencies allowing them to understand European Union law and its relationship with the domestic legal systems of the Member States.

The general objective indicated above and the specific competencies of students are developed in accordance with the needs identified on the market, covering most of the essential aspects of European Union law, from its general concepts and the mechanisms of European judicial control to the specifics fields of enforcement, consumer law, company law, competition law and Internet law.

Main subjects

First Semester

  • Principles of European Union Law
  • European Union Institutions and Procedures
  • Human Rights in the European Union
  • Conflicts of Laws and of Jurisdiction in the European Union
  • European Union Internet Law (optional course)
  • European Union Social Law (optional course)

Second Semester

  • Competition and Consumer Protection European Union Law
  • European Union Fiscal Law
  • European Law of Financial Institutions
  • European Union Company Law
  • Harmonization of European Union Private Law (optional course)
  • European Union Criminal Law (optional course)

Student advantages

The students enrolled in this master program have the opportunity to gain valuable theoretical knowledge in various specialized fields of European Union law, during courses and seminars taking place entirely in English.

They thus become familiar not only with the substantive and procedural norms of European Union law but also with the specific legal terminology relating to their topics of interest. Depending on the various types of courses, students are engaged in different study activities, which stimulate them to conduct research and to practice both their academic writing and presentation skills. They also have the possibility to take part in enriching extracurricular activities, such as international moot court competitions in the fields of European Union law and human rights law.

Optional disciplines are grouped in packages, which complete the students’ specialization path. The students are responsible for choosing this path before the beginning of the university year, during which the optional package is made available, thus allowing for the creation of a personalized educational track, adapted to the professional interests of each individual.

Career impact

The influx of foreign investors in Romania makes for specializations in the field of EU law to be very sought after. All the main legal professions - magistrate, attorney, notary public, legal consultant - benefit from a specialization in European Union law.

The students in this master program get a first-hand opportunity to become familiar with the more specialized topics of European Union law, such as company law, taxation or competition, and consumer protection law, thus increasing their theoretical and professional knowledge in a wide variety of fields relevant on an international scale.

Graduates in complementary fields such as the economy, finance, corporate or the like may also benefit substantially from this specialization, which can create a bridge between disciplines and may offer new interdisciplinary academic and professional opportunities.

Contact details

Faculty of Law of the West University of Timișoara
9A Eroilor de la Tisa Bd., 300575, Timișoara, Timiș County, Romania
Telephone no.: 0040-256-592400
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