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In a world of intense change, organizations face multiple challenges, among which environmental challenges play an important role: climate change, scarcity of resources, energy transition, loss of biodiversity, health issues ... They need managers and managers aware of these challenges, both creative and solution providers, but also able to develop a forward-looking vision in the longer term, to accompany these changes.

The IGE Master, while relying on its scientific DNA and its engineering culture, is renewed today to meet these needs and train these new managers. It offers young graduates and experienced executives from different backgrounds to translate their convictions into new skills for companies, taking part in a one-year adventure, between testimonies and meetings, experiments and various collaborations: a unique opportunity to the students explore the possibilities to draw the world of tomorrow, and reintroduce this spirit of enterprise and inventiveness into our societies.


Diploma of Specialized Master MINES ParisTech of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles; RNCP certification n ° 27061

Academic period of 6 months (October to March), 6 months of professional mission (April to September) leading to the writing of a professional thesis sanctioned by a defense, with 2 courses:

  • Full-time course: 6 months of classes / 6 months of company assignment
  • Work-study path: 6 months of academic period with alternation of course modules and company stays / 5 months full-time assignment in a company

Place: MINES ParisTech, Fontainebleau campus and Paris

Academic part provided by many professionals and academics

Many projects supervised by professionals and research professors from MINES ParisTech

Created in 1992, 25 years of existence, more than 600 corporate missions

The program

The program is organized in teaching modules, 4 main modules for all students, plus 3 additional modules for full-time students.

The main modules allow all students to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills for a future transition manager; Complementary modules allow full-time students to apply this knowledge and skills through specific projects, while alternating students have their business as a testing ground

Module A1: Preparing for Corporate SD Management Functions

Targeted skills :

Understanding of the organization of a company around the issues of sustainable development. From the linear economy to the circular economy. Knowledge of the framework that is required of the company.


  • Understanding of the Company: from its functions to the stakeholders
  • Institutional and regulatory context
  • Management systems and main standards
  • DD, CSR, Corporate Reporting Strategies
  • From the linear economy to the circular economy

Module A2: Analyzing and questioning the key challenges of tomorrow

Skills targeted: to acquire an ability of analysis, to be able to approach a question in a systemic way IGE Master - July 2018 3


- How to react to climate change? (Mitigation or adaptation)

  • What place to give to the living? (biodiversity, bio-mimicry, bio-materials)
  • What energy for a post-carbon society? (efficiency, renewable energy, sobriety)
  • What answers to the scarcity of resources? (industrial metabolism, economics of functionality, dematerialization)

Module A3: Developing projects around innovative tools and approaches

Targeted skills operational project management, mastery of tools (LCA, carbon footprint),


  • Implementation of a renewable energy or energy efficiency project
  • Implementation of an eco-design approach in a logic of circular economy
  • New approaches around water management

Module A4: Changing Scale

Skills targeted to acquire a global vision of a problematic, to grasp the complexity, to be personally confronted with a problem, to be aware of foresight, to know how to communicate


  • From local to global, from individual to collective
  • Stakeholder analysis and environmental controversy
  • Taking into account long-term effects, ethical issues and innovation management
  • Urban approach
  • Geopolitical analysis of issues and international approach
  • Case Studies: Sustainable Campus Project, Urban Travel

Complementary modules (not alternating): To go further

Skills targeted operational project management, real life scenario, awareness of new business models and business creation

P1: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project

The Environment is a field where initiatives and innovations are multiplying. The objective of this module is to know the framework of development of Entrepreneurship projects from conception, to financial, marketing and legal editing, and to experiment the approach on concrete projects.

P2: Communication Project

Communication is an important issue to sensitize, motivate and convince the various stakeholders during the implementation of an Environmental or SD project. The objective of this module, supported by 2 educational institutions of PSL is to make work together students of various profiles (engineers, Master IGE - July 2018 4 journalists, managers, academics) to investigate and produce communication objects aimed at reliable information for the general public.

P3: Territorial project

The territories are important actors for the implementation of the ecological transition: each territory has its own challenges and must define a suitable strategy.

The students will work on a given territory and will bring their reflections and proposals on certain aspects of the territorial strategy: energy resources, mobility, industrial ecology ....

The professional mission

The professional mission carried out in the host organization following the academic program allows the student to analyze a given problem and propose innovative strategies.

This transfer of skills in the company is done with a personalized coaching by the ISIGE pedagogical team. At the end of the assignment and to obtain a specialized Master's degree, the student must write and defend a professional thesis.

concerned public


  • Young graduates Bac 5: grandes écoles of engineering and management, Sciences Po, M2 (Economics, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences,)
  • Young professionals (Bac 5 or Bac 4 with at least 3 years of experience)
  • Experience and / or strong motivations on environmental themes / DD / CSR

Qualities and skills sought

Dynamism, commitment, ability to convince, entrepreneurial ability, openness, creativity, empathy

Strategic vision, ability to analyze and synthesize, good general knowledge


Tuition fees € 12,500 - Registration fees € 800 Possible funding: professionalization contract or industrial partnership ARMINES

Last updated Mar 2020

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L’ISIGE - MINES ParisTech est le centre de MINES ParisTech dédié à l'environnement et au Développement Durable. Son ambition est de constituer une force motrice de la transition écologique et de promo ... Read More

L’ISIGE - MINES ParisTech est le centre de MINES ParisTech dédié à l'environnement et au Développement Durable. Son ambition est de constituer une force motrice de la transition écologique et de promouvoir une innovation environnementale exigeante. Read less