Masters studies in contemporary Latin America (in spanish)


Program Description

Master in Contemporary Studies of Latin America (in Spanish)

  • Period of studies: 2 years
  • ECTS credits: 120
  • Language: English

Program description

This degree aims to train professionals specialized in the problems of Latin America and the construction of a new research profile of the Latin American region from the perspective of Russian "latinoamericanistica" contemplating the variety of historical trajectories of the countries in the region and its current political, economic, social and cultural developments.

The master's program aims to address the knowledge of the complex cultural and historical construction of Latin America, through a multidisciplinary approach, which favors the plurality of approaches, methods and perspectives.

To this end, this Masters is organized around a network of leading Russian and international academic institutions that have extensive experience and long tradition in Latin American studies, for the purpose of generating a fluid exchange between teachers, students and researchers with those from similar programs and institutes in Latin America and other regions.

The Master's program analyzes the current problems of development in Latin America in the light of two main elements: political socio-historical development of Latin America and the process of economic globalization and framing characterizes the contemporary problems of development in the region.

This approach allows you to find more complex lines of advances and setbacks in the development process in Latin America, while enabling an integrated and interdisciplinary intense relationship between national and regional processes and global vision scope explanation. In this context, the Masters aims to meet the following objectives:

• Training teachers, researchers and specialized professionals in understanding and study of the current reality of Latin America as well as its relations with Russia from a
multidisciplinary perspective.

• To promote an integrated vision of the economic, social, political and cultural processes of the region with the processes of cooperation and economic and trade and cultural relations that develop between Russia and the countries of Latin America.

• Contribute to the development of a field of discussion, criticism and circulation of ideas in the Region and in Russia, from the exchange between researchers, teachers and students from the
various academic institutions sponsoring and participating in this program mestría.

Learning outcomes

The masters degree offers the following specialties weighted according to the training profile of the participants:

• Specialist economic development, integration and public policy Latin America

• Specialist economic and trade relations between Russia and Latin America

• Expert in historical, political and socio-cultural Latin America

Career opportunities

The master's degree is in academic and professional purpose of preparing experts who can work both in the academic world (research professors), and private and public institutions (local, state, multilateral) development work related to public management, business, cooperation, immigration-integration and international relations.

Admission requirements

The Master is aimed at professionals from Latin America who have completed the first level of university education.

Last updated Mar 2020

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