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Program Description

The Masters Programme in European Studies (LM-90) aims to train high-profile professionals who will work in the international framework and increasingly global economic and juridical context that is developing through the process of European integration.

The programme will provide students with advanced knowledge and skills on methodologies, cultural aspects and professional requirements that will enable them to develop original solutions to the juridical, economic, social and historical issues that are emerging on the new European and international scenarios.

The Masters Programme has been developed to meet the needs of students who are interested in developing an advanced understanding of European issues and working in Italian or international institutions. In particular, the programme will focus on the study of juridical issues that can be compared at the European and international levels.

The European Affairs Masters Programme provides students with two different curricula:

EU Law and Economics - allow students to work in interdisciplinary contexts in juridical and economic affairs related to the management of European and international institutions, addressing economic, juridical, political and historical aspects. The main focus is to acquire a deep understanding of the European Union and its reference environments to better comprehend institutional actors, the management, and control of political processes and juridical and institutional issues of the European Union.

Comparative and European Law - trains students as European jurists with all the necessary notions of private, public, European and International Law that are necessary to work in this field. The specific objective of this curriculum is to form jurists who can act in any of these contexts in relation to key sectors of social experience (trade, competition, environment, immigration, fundamental rights, etc.).

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