Master’s programme in Business Analytics (Business Administration)


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Program Description

Master’s programme in Business Analytics (Business Administration)

The programme is intended for students with a background in business studies.

This Master's programme educates experts in analytics and decision-making with an understanding of the business landscape and needs of industrial companies and commercial and public organisations.

The Master's Programme in Business Analytics focuses on theoretical knowledge and technical skills in relevant business analytics methods, including data analytics, modelling, simulation, and multiple-criteria decision-making methods, and practical use of the methods on real-world data in a real-world business or industry context.

The software and tools applied during the course are standard in the industry. The programme merges studies in industrial management, corporate finance, computer science and applied mathematics in a unique way, providing a very powerful combination of knowledge.

Learning outcomes

As a graduate, you will be a competent business analytics professional who knows and can critically analyse the theories and methods in the field. After completing this programme, you will:

  • be able to choose suitable business analytics methods and use them in practice;
  • be able to draw logical conclusions and give recommendations in strategic decision-making situations based on output from decision support methods;
  • be competent in applied business research;
  • be able to systematically analyse discipline-related research problems;
  • be able to draw well justified conclusions and analytically discuss the implications of produced research results;
  • be able to produce an academic research report according to the principles for good scientific conduct;
  • have skills in responsible business skills and a profound understanding on the discipline-specific responsibility issues;
  • be able to critically evaluate consequences of business decisions from a responsibility perspective;
  • demonstrate teamwork competencies;
  • be an effective team member and capable of solving problems in teams;
  • have good collaboration and interpersonal communication skills.

Degree structure and studies

The Master's programme in Business Analytics is a two-year study programme. It leads to the degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, M. Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), which is 120 ECTS credits.

The programme includes core, specialisation and language studies.

Core studies, 60 ECTS credits, include courses on the background, basics, and tools of business analytics and business development, such as information systems in corporate management and decision-making, business ethics, data analytics, simulation and system dynamics in business analytics and business process modelling.

Specialisation studies, 54 ECTS credits, include courses on topics such as real options and managerial decision-making, the basics of business analysis, marketing analytics, big data analytics, and advanced decision-making methods.

The Master's thesis and seminar, 30 ECTS credits, are a part of the specialisation studies. The thesis is a research project which requires approximately six months of full-time work. It is completed during the fourth semester of the degree programme.

Language studies, 6 ECTS credits, in one foreign language; not English.

Career prospects

As a graduate, you will be a perfect fit for the business development and business analytics teams of global corporations and SMEs.

Hands-on skills in business analytics are in very high demand globally – there is a great shortage of business analytics professionals on the market.

The programmes are practical and career-oriented and give you a unique multi-disciplinary education in technology and business, which is highly valued in the corporate world and industry.

You will be prepared for a career in business analytics and analytical business development, as an analytics professional in an industrial or service company or as a consultant.

Entrepreneurship is also a realistic possibility with the pragmatic skill set you will acquire.

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