Masters Of Engineering in Computer Engineering

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Masters Of Engineering in Computer Engineering

Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport

Masters Of Engineering in Computer Engineering



The Master of Engineering (MEng) Degree in Computer Engineering (Specifically focused on Embedded Systems Engineering and Network systems Engineering fields) prepare graduate students for higher level professional practice in local and international markets. It is intended for computer engineers who wish to master the practice in their field of specialty.


  • Detailed knowledge in recent and practical computer engineering technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge in several disciplines of computer engineering technology (Ex: VLSI System design, real time systems, embedded systems, Networking Systems, Wireless Communications, ... etc)
  • Increasing the awareness of the local and global context in which computer engineering is practiced.
  • An ability to solve engineering problems thinks critically, function well in a team, and communicate effectively.
  • Prepare graduates for successful professional careers, and provide service to the community.


Course work for the MEng degree requires the completion of a minimum of (33) credit hours as follows:

  • A. Core courses: 3 courses from the M.Sc. core list+1 specialized core course (total of 12 CR.H.)
  • B. General elective courses: 2 electives from the M.Sc. electives list. (6 CR. H.) )
  • C. Specialized elective courses: 3 electives from elective list (9 CR. H.)
  • D. Case study application with one supervisor. (6 CR. H.)

The candidates should register CC790E, (6 Cr.h.) is special topic assigned by department. The candidate must submit a final technical report under supervision of one professor and present his/her case study to an internal committee in order to discuss and evaluate his/her work.

Note: The courses in parts A and B are chosen from the MSc list which has been already accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Higher Education.


Applicants to the Master of Science program in Engineering must hold a university undergraduate Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college. An overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.40/4.00 (or Good) in the undergraduate degree is required. Otherwise, the applicant may be accepted if (s)he holds a post-Bachelor's Diploma in a relevant area with a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 (or Very Good).

The Department of Engineering Graduate Studies at the College of Engineering and Technology identifies the applicants who are eligible for enrollment into the program. The academic department then interviews the applicants individually to those who will be recommended for admission.

Applications of newly admitted applicants are valid for two semesters. If an admitted applicant does not enroll by the second semester, (s)he must reapply for admission.

Members of the staff and employees of the Academy who wish to register as graduate students should consult the appropriate staff handbooks concerning admission regulations and fee information.

Application Documents

The graduate admissions process of the College of Engineering and Technology seeks to applicants whose credentials attest to their outstanding ability, preparation, and potential for successful completion of their graduate studies. Applicants must submit the following documents to the Department of Graduate Engineering Studies:

Official Transcripts: An official transcript must be submitted for each of the colleges and/or universities attended. Transcripts should include an explanation of the grade scale used by the colleges and/or universities attended. All copies should be officially certified as identical to the original. Transcripts and/or copies cannot be returned.

  • Copy of passport or identification card
  • Financial Plan (if sponsored)
  • Completed Application Form

Transfer Of Credits

Credit gained in a previous graduate education may be transferred to the College of Engineering and Technology graduate program and would therefore sufficiently substitute a similar Masters course.

Only courses with grade B (Good) or higher are eligible for transfer. A maximum of 6 credit hours from an accredited Master program may be transferred into the Master program of the College of Engineering and Technology.

No course that has been taken more than 2 years before the acceptance of student may be transferred into the program of study.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for every course shall be paid at the beginning of each semester. If the student, or his sponsor, fails to pay the tuition fees at the indicated time, the student registration shall be cancelled and the student shall not attend any lectures. The Dean of Admissions and Registration shall determine the tuition fees at the beginning of each semester.

The tuition fees of the programs using the credit hour system shall be determined on the basis of the credit hour and shall be paid either collectively for a full semester or according to the number of credit hours registered for.


Applicants may register after the College of Engineering and Technology has approved their application for admission. Registration must be accomplished according to schedules and procedures established by the College of Engineering and Technology.

The registration of a graduate candidate is the responsibility of the candidate. Candidates must register for each course. Registration for a course also includes registration for the examination for that course. Course registration takes place within the first week of classes.


Candidates may register for the thesis in the area approved by the academic advisor and the corresponding academic department after completion of at least 15 credit hours.

The minimum period from the beginning of the first class registered by the student until thesis submission and graduation is 24 months.


A regularly admitted graduate candidate who has not registered for two semesters must apply for readmission. A candidate is not guaranteed continuing graduate status if (s)he does not enroll for a period of two consecutive semesters.


An applicant who is forced to withdraw from the program during the academic year or at the end of any semester may be granted the opportunity to return. However the period of withdrawal should not be for more than two consecutive academic semesters.

Leave of absence

The College has adopted a leave of absence policy that permits the candidate to continue his/her education. The following principles govern the leave of absence policy:

  • An applicant must make a written request for a leave of absence to the Dean. The request must include the reasons for the leave and the time the student plans to be away. Leave of absence will generally be granted for one or two academic semesters. A leave may be further extended upon written application and approval of the Dean.
  • An applicant who is granted a leave of absence due to medical reasons may be requested to submit a clinical evaluation to the College before being reinstated to the Program.
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