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Growing concerns about cybersecurity is a fact more and more companies. In 2014, the number of companies that have invested in protected from cyberthreats has increased by 33%, and only in Spain it takes up 20,000 professionals dedicated to this science and their posts are not covered by lack of training and specialization in the field.

According to several reports, the labor market security environment is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

According to the Report Annual Security 2014 Cisco, lack of nearly one million professional computer experts worldwide security is impacting the ability of organizations to monitor and secure networks, while vulnerabilities and threats in general reached their highest levels since 2000.

The Master in Cybersecurity (MCS) created with the aim of responding to this business need and train experts in the security of information and communications technology.

The Master in Cybersecurity includes the following certification exams:

  • D-CREATE (Deloitte Reverse Engineer Certified Associate)
  • D-CFIA (Deloitte Certified Forensic Investigator Associate)

These certifications are obtained by finishing the master and pass the exams.

What do you prepare?

  • Train experts in the security of information and communications technology capable of performing security audits, analyze the facts and safety information collected, reverse engineer and Cyber ​​Intelligence and conduct a proper forensic analysis.
  • Ensuring the safe development of applications, either both web platforms and mobile environments.
  • Train to implement defensive security from the point of view of system administrator or web architecture.
  • Knowing how to apply the offensive security from attack methodologies.

To whom it May concern?

Grade graduates, official master, superior engineering and technical degrees and diplomas related (telematics engineering, information engineering, telecommunications, engineering ICT organization, etc.).

Should not have university degrees, professional experience in the environment of telematics and security systems will be evaluated.

Output Profile:

  • Reverse engineering expert
  • ethical hacker
  • Cybersecurity consultant
  • Analyst Information Security
  • Malware analyst
  • forensic analyst
  • Safe Software Engineer
  • Safety engineer on mobile devices
  • Safety Auditor
  • Security Manager
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