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Masters in 3D animation

Escola de Cinema de Barcelona


With the entry of the XXI century the use of three-dimensional images of synthesis in the field of audiovisual animation has become a phenomenon not to be habitual longer exciting. Much of the most outstanding animated films that have been made with 3D animation have become film history as rotundas masterpieces. Movies like Wall-E, UP, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, overturn or the complete saga of Toy Story, would not have had the same impact if they had done with two-dimensional animation techniques. The content and form symbolizing the personality of 3D animation are the very reason for their success. But the use of 3D beyond their mere application in animated feature films. It is surprising the huge number of objects and animated 3D characters that integrate with absolute naturalness and verisimilitude as part of a feature film, TV series or advertisement. ECIB, using the formative experience of 9zeros school, has designed a master that enhances both the technical and artistic qualities of students and their integration into a team similar to that developed in a professional animation work.


The Master aims to train students in learning the techniques needed to create and animate 3D characters as part of an audiovisual production, whether in the field of cinema, television, or video games Free Newsletters. During the first year of the Master it is mainly aimed at the general 3D animation, learning the entire process of creating characters that includes modeling, textures, UVS, rigging, materials, photography, rendering and composition. It also seeks to assimilate production processes and planning a 3D animated audiovisual work. In the second year concepts such as Layout, weight and dynamics of bodily movement and develop a practical tour of the styles of animation is drawn. The acting for animators occupies an important part of the training this year, as well as mastery of facial animation and dialogues.


Producing a 3D animated short film

Teaming respecting production processes and the organizational structure of a professional staff is one of the objectives that underpin the two years of the master. To achieve this, students are part of all the technical and artistic process of production of a short film in 3D, participating in modeling, rigging, rendering, texturing, animation, etc. The script, direction, editing, concept, art direction and sound design of the film cinematography diploma students graduate and are responsible ECIB script. Thus, those enrolled to master live a similar experience that you will find at the beginning of his career, working as technical specialists as part of a team led by a director or an audiovisual animation. The realization of an animated short film vertebra the practical training developed since the middle of the first year to the end. Placing participants as operators 3D specialists led by a director allows them to live the closest to work in a 3D animation studio experience. At the start of production of the film oriented various technical and artistic exchange between students of direction and animation master reviews meetings will be convened.


The methodology used in the master 3D animation is based on Autodesk Maya software domain and its specific application in the field of creating three-dimensional characters. The course on the assumption that those enrolled have basic knowledge of the entertainment program. The practical nature of classes is reinforced by the allocation of a computer for each student. Teachers are active professionals with proven teaching experience, specialized in various fields of 3D animation as Rigging, Render, animation, modeling, textures and layout. In parallel, learning character animation classes is enhanced interpretation techniques and gestures. The animator is nothing more than an extension of the character created by computer. Postural and gestural dominate mechanisms to express ideas and feelings that excited the audience is the first step in the process of creating characters in 3D animation. This domain is conducted via video-references. The course coordinator takes an individualized monitoring of student enhancing their capabilities in terms of its evolution. Apart from lectures given during school hours students are encouraged to attend the center to practice what taught in the classroom. The advantage of making the master within a film school creates synergies that result in collaboration with students of different specialties animation (stop.motion, 2D) and fiction films (assembly, directing, cinematography, sound , etc).


Who should attend

A national and international students with prior training in the world of 3D animation and want to deepen the management of character animation techniques in this specialty. A artists and 2D animators, "CG Artists", stop-motion, flash, animation directors, 3D animators, digital artists, illustrators, designers, "storyboarders" and leaders of other disciplines who want to specialize in character animation 3D, experiencing the actual process of working on a computer 3D animation.

Rigs of characters

The master has created character rigs to be used exclusively by the students themselves. They are designed to be encouraged with full versatility and can be easily adapted to the production of the film in 3D will make during the course.

curricular Distribution:

1st year: Generalist

  • Production and planning I
  • Modeling
  • UVS and Textures
  • Rigging
  • Materials 
  • Photography and Lighting
  • render
  • Composition
  • Production and Planning II

2nd year: Character Animation

  • layout
  • Weight and body movement dynamics
  • Animation styles
  • Acting for animators and recording videoreferencias
  • Acting
  • Facials and dialogue
  • Final project

parallel projects

In ECIB practice it is most important, so we encourage and support all those side projects that students do complementarily: short films, feature films, music videos, documentaries. We provide student copilers add material costs without camera and lighting school and the experience of 2mentes producer for dissemination at festivals.

"It reinforces the knowledge learned during the lectures and practices with short films programmed in the Diploma. And with new projects designed to perform outside of class hours. The only requirements that must be met are: to deliver a dossier, with the script, planning and management of the project and the technical team is formed only by co-ECIB "Parallel projects serve to go filling your presentation coil your own projects.

Meetings with professionals

The look ECIB extends beyond our walls. We believe that the exchange of ideas, philosophy and ways of working with professionals from the film enriches the education of our students. Sample this desire to expand our training programs, ECIB regularly organizes several activities that have recognized the presence of professionals in the film industry. They will eventually organized "Masterclasses", depending on the availability of the professional concerned.

Basic information:

  • Credits: 120 ECTS
  • Hours: Monday through Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00
  • Language: Castilian
  • Admission: Pre-Application
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Oct. 2019
2 years
Full time
6,490 EUR
Price Total First Year
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
Start date : Oct. 2019
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End date Dec. 1, 2019
Oct. 2019
Spain - Barcelona, Catalonia
Application deadline Request Info
End date Dec. 1, 2019