Digital technology continues to influence and catalyze the ongoing evolution of interior design practices. Even a few years ago interior designs were presented using traditional presentation boards, but today the ideas are illustrated in 3D renderings.

Course Description

  • IIFA offers 2-year full-time course Masters Diploma in interior designing
  • The course has 2 year full time courses where the student gets introduced to the world of Design with concepts of drawing Offering a unique and comprehensive B.S.S Bhatathiyar university Diploma syllabus and prepares a student from the fundamentals like Auto Desk Auto Cad 2D&3D, 3Ds MAX, V-Ray, commercial and industrial Designing’s which is essentially required in today’s industry.
  • Blended syllabus in combination with communications and self-development classes make IIFA students a preferred choice among leading studios and interior Designing companies.

Software used

  • Auto Cad 2D&3D
  • Auto Desk 3Ds Max
  • 3.Photoshop
  • 4.v-ray
  • Basic of Cinema 4D (The most advanced software used in the field of Interior Designing & Architecture )

Year – 1

  1. Fundamentals Of Design
  2. Visual Communication and Presentation
  3. Studio for Residential Space
  4. Interior Construction and Detailing
  5. Essential of Materials and System

Year – 2

  1. Evolution of Interior Design
  2. Studio for Work Space
  3. Studio for Retail and Store
  4. Studio for Café and Resturant
  5. Business of Interior Design


  • Commercial & Industrial Designers
  • Design Director
  • Architectural & Civil Drafter
  • Design Architect
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Set & Exhibit Designer
  • Model Makers
  • Professor of Architectural Design
  • CAD Designer
  • Design Consultant
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Institutional Interior Designer

4 Things to know about becoming an Interior Designer

  1. Interior Decoration Is Not Interior Design - You might be good with colors, textures, selection, and placement of home décor objects, and might have received a lot of appreciation on your interior decoration skills; but those decoration skills just aren't sufficient to become an interior designer. Interior decoration is a subdomain under interior design and only executes the process of design.
  2. High Demand for Interior Designers in India - Rather than saying that there is a great scope for interior designers in India, we could rephrase that to 'there is a grave scarcity of interior designers in India'. As mentioned before, currently there is a need for 100000 interior designers in India alone. The industry is growing at a rate of 20% and is expected to do so until 2018. So if you are planning to take up the interior design as a career now, I would say you are at the right time to shine!
  3. It Is A Very Rewarding Job! - The average pay for an entry-level interior designer could be around 4 lakh per annum and a senior interior designer could earn up to a whopping 30 lakh per annum! Yes, interior design is one of the most lucrative jobs in India!
  4. Interior Design Specializations - Interior Design necessarily doesn't mean designing and planning residence interiors and other living spaces. Commercial and office spaces, industries like healthcare and retail, a whole of the hospitality industry which includes hotels, cafes and resorts, public exhibits and art galleries, furniture manufacturers… everybody needs interior designers. All of the above mentioned are in fact treated as specializations in interior design.
Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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Last updated September 2, 2019
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