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A masters degree in vocal studies is a post graduate degree program that aims at preparing graduates of the program for a career in singing. With the varying demands that characterize a singing career, a graduate of the program is equipped with the relevant professional skills to aid their creativity thus making their singing career a success. The human voice is the tool that singers use to portray poetry and the rich culture that reveals the human existence, complexities and the richness that defines the existence of humans.

The masters program focuses on the training of the human voice; to be articulate and beautiful and capable of accurately declaring what it means to be human. Since the voice is the instrument humans use in communication, the masters program guarantees that the singers’ voices are trained to ensure the singers deliver the information being communicated accurately.

The masters program focuses on vocal issues such as vocal technique, and voice style. The program is skills-based, laying emphasis on performance, intellectual, communication, knowledge, interaction, creativity and personal management. Security of vocal techniques is enhanced through classes taken while in the program. The program is ideal for musicians with a high level of professional and artistic abilities. On completion of the program, the graduates can work in the music industry in professional capacities as soloists or in groups.

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The Royal Academy of Music - Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium

The Rhythmic Choir Direction degree course concludes with a student-defined master's project which is based on student interests and needs and also constitutes their spec ... [+]

Master of Music Rhythmic Choir Direction (KA-RK)

At the Academy, master’s students follow a 2-year university program in an artistic and research-based study environment. Master’s students compared to bachelor’s students develop their knowledge, skills and competencies that make them able to initiate and execute music projects and educational training independently. The master’s education allows students to fulfil highly professional roles in the labour market. Additionally, this master’s degree program provides a foundation for further studies at Soloist study program.


Master of Music, Rhythmic Choir Direction (KA-RK). The candidate may use the following title: Cand. Musicae / Master of Music.The course structure has a constant focus on the Rhythmic Choir Direction and Rhythmic Choir Methods subjects. The main subject area of the degree course also includes Theory and Method of Musicology on the first semester. In addition, a series of skill-oriented subjects such as Ear Training, Piano, and Singing are taught. All of these contribute to the broad qualifications that a choir director must possess. Some of the subjects are concluded after the second and third semesters so that the student may immerse him- or herself more fully in the main subject on the fourth semester.The Entrepreneurial Studies subject is concluded after the 3rd semester and provides the student with relevant tools for administering his/her artistic qualities through e.g. self-management and entrepreneurial skills.The Rhythmic Choir Direction degree course concludes with a student-defined master's project which is based on student interests and needs and also constitutes their specialisation in the field.... [-]

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September 2020
2 years