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A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

While distance learning courses have due dates that must be met, there is a fabulous deal of compliance as to when you can carry out assignments when studying at a distance. With the online option, You could exit the discussion group as required to return to work and then join after work if needed. Distance learning courses can be taken in whatever place you have Internet access. You can even complete classes from the Internet lounge in any hotel around the world if you need a vacation.

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Post-Master in Global URBANTIC® and Smart Cities

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
Online Part time 1 year September 2018 Spain Spain Online

Endorsed by EIVP and recognized by the Government of France The aim of the program is to train professionals to be broadly skilled in order to deal with the complex requirements of Smart Management, the logic of Big and Open Data and the evolution towards electronic administration. [+]

Endorsed by EIVP and recognized by the Government of France Endorsed by the École des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris (EIVP), recognized by the Government of France and with professional competences equivalent to a Post-Master Degree. Who Is This Program for?

The Global UrbanTIC® and Smart Cities Certification Program is designed under a multidisciplinary framework of the Smart City concept, which means that is open to university degree holders with a strong interest in carrying out research projects focused on innovation and technology for the smart cities challenges.

All the applicants will be analyzed and assessed for their access to the program by the Master’s Committee.... [-]