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A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

A program in urban development prepares students to analyze and plan city spaces and neighborhoods. Programs may focus on urban environment and climate change, urban land governance, urban strategies and planning, and managing and financing urban infrastructure.

France is currently among the 20 best performing countries in terms of the economy due to their excellent results-oriented higher education learning. Most of the courses at universities are offered in the French language. France has 60 public and 100 private universities.

Top Master Programs in Urban Development in France 2019/2020

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University of Technology Troyes - UTT

During this Master Spécialisé® Manager of the Energy Transition of Urban Systems, the student will acquire the knowledge of standards and regulations, decisions will incl ... [+]

Best Masters in Urban Development in France 2019/2020. LEARN TO DEFINE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY POLICY AND BUILD THE SMART-CITIES OF TOMORROW In 2050, an estimated 66% of the world population will be urban. An evolution impacting particularly emerging countries. Increasing urbanization is associated with energy needs rising sharply. How do we manage to reconcile the two? During this Master Spécialisé® Manager of the Energy Transition of Urban Systems, the student will acquire the knowledge standards and regulations in effect, will include decisions mechanisms that take place in communities, among planners and energy suppliers, and learn to implement diagnostics and analyzing energy issues. Finally, it will be able to manage and seeking ... [-]
France Troyes
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École Polytechnique

The Smart Cities and Urban Policy Graduate Degree provides an in-depth understanding of new and transforming metropolitan areas and their competitive environments. ... [+]

Smart Cities

At a glance Diploma: Master’s Degree Type: Industry-oriented degree Number of ECTS credits: 140 Start: September 2019 Duration: 2 years Language: English Location: France Tuition Fees: €12,000/year

In an increasingly global economy, metropolitan areas are basic components of economic competition and growth. Capital, labor pools, knowledge, infrastructures, and their distribution within and across geographical space play a major role in the economic development and prosperity of a metropolitan area.

As highlighted by the Economist, a report from the American think-tank Brookings Institution shows that “the world's largest 300 metropolitan economies account for 19% of the global population and almost half the world's GDP. In the past decade, incomes and jobs tended to grow faster in these urban areas than their national averages”.... [-]

France Palaiseau
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2 years