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A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

More than just a study of one religion, theology generally covers a variety of religious and philosophical traditions, seeking a better understanding of the divine. While it can be studied in order to enter a particular religious order, it also provides students with an understanding of people’s beliefs in general.

The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominate the world rankings and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations. State university systems are partially subsidized by state governments, and may have many campuses spread around the state, with hundreds of thousands of students.

The State of Illinois ranks as the fifth most populous state in the U.S. Nicknamed as the Land of Lincoln the state is highly prosperous hosting a large number of industries, attractions and sites. Besides being home to one of the world’s busiest airports, the state has numerous institutions highly ranked worldwide. The University of Chicago, ranks among the top 10 in the world.

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Master of Divinity

Trinity International University
Campus Full time 3 - 4 years September 2017 USA Deerfield

All Christians are called to be ministers of the Gospel, but there are many different vocations in which a believer can answer that call. Our MDiv is designed to give comprehensive biblical, theological, cultural, and practical training to those desiring preparation for some form of Christian ministerial or academic leadership, all within the context of Trinity’s broadly evangelical ethos. [+]

Masters in Theology in Illinois in USA. All Christians are called to be ministers of the Gospel, but there are many different vocations in which a believer can answer that call. Our MDiv is designed to give comprehensive biblical, theological, cultural, and practical training to those desiring preparation for some form of Christian ministerial or academic leadership, all within the context of Trinity’s broadly evangelical ethos. Where can this degree take me? The Master of Divinity is considered the standard professional degree for ordained pastoral ministry, as well as providing an excellent foundation for further academic work and many other unique ministry contexts. MDiv alumni have gone on to a wide variety of vocational pursuits, including pastors, denominational leaders, scholars, authors, community development leaders, and missionary workers in many different contexts locally, nationally, and globally. The MDiv is the prerequisite degree for Doctor of Ministry (DMin) programs and is the recommended graduate degree for those intending to pursue advanced theological study (usually at the ThM or PhD levels). What will I study? The Master of Divinity curriculum (94 hours total) is centered on four primary areas: Scripture and Interpretation - 35 hours ID 5000 Biblical Theology and Interpretation 3 hours NT 5210 NT Greek Exegesis I 4 hours NT 5211 NT Greek Exegesis II 2 hours NT 5212 NT Greek Exegesis III 1 hour NT 6600 Preaching from the New Testament 1 hour NT 6221 Synoptics and Johannine Literature 3 hours NT 6222 Acts, Pauline, and General Epistles 3 hours OT 5240 Elementary Hebrew I 3 hours OT 5241 Elementary Hebrew II 3 hours OT 5242 Hebrew Exegesis 4 hours OT 6216 Pentateuch and Historical Books 4 hours OT 6217 Prophetic and Poetic Books Theology and Tradition - 20 hours Required: CH 5010 History of Christianity 4 hours PT 7410, 7412, 7415 Denominational History and Polity course 1 hour ST 5101 Theology I: Introduction to Theology 3 hours ST 5102 Theology II: Christ, Man, Sin, Salvation 3 hours ST 5103 Theology III: Holy Spirit, Church, Last Things 3 hours ST 5200 Christian Ethics 3 hours Choose one of the following: CH 5060 American Church History 3 hours CH 7450 Christianity in the Non-Western World since 1700 3 hours ME 6410 History of Missions in the Modern World (This is an alternative only for those in the Cross-Cultural Ministry focus) Worldview and Culture - 8 hours Required: ME 5000 Foundations of Christian Mission ME 6240 The Intercultural Missionary may be substituted for those in the Cross-Cultural Ministry focus 2 hours ME 5001 Foundations of Evangelism 2 hours PR 5500 Apologetics 2 hours Choose one of the following: BE 5900 Bioethics National Conference Course 2 hours CC 5610 Cultural Hermeneutics 2 hours ME 6610 Anthropology for Ministry 2 hours PT 7860 Social and Cultural Exegesis 2 hours Ministries and Practices - 31 hours Includes required, ministry focus, and elective courses Required: CM 5000 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry Counseling 2 hours CM 6000 Issues in Counseling Ministry (Possible substitutes for this include CO 5210, CM 5110, CM 6572, CO 7140) 1 hour EM 5000 Educational Ministries in the Local Church 2 hours HM 5000 Theology and Methodology of Biblical Preaching 2 hours PT 5000 Personal Assessment and Ministry Orientation 1 hour PT 7280 Christian Worship 2 hours PT 7460 MDiv Capstone Seminar 1 hour PT 7465 / 7466 Internship 2 hours Field Education and Formation Group: ID 5080 Formation Group (2 semesters) (recommended during first two semesters) 0 hours PT 5090 Field Education (2 semesters) 0 hours PT 5095 Cross-Cultural Field Education (1 semester) 0 hours An additional 18 hours in this area come from your chosen Ministry Focus and electives. Field Education and Internships All Master of Divinity students must complete field education and internship requirements. Field education and internships involve supervised work in a field-based ministry, which is generally a Christian organization or church outside of the TEDS community. This part of the TEDS degree programs is designed to: Integrate classroom studies with on-the-ground ministry. Aid in acquiring, reinforcing, and refining ministry knowledge and skills. Assist in the assessment and development of Christian character, spirituality, and ministerial call and identity. Field education and internship experiences are guided by a supervisor who serves as a mentor and equipper. Opportunities for Trinity students in the Chicago metropolitan area are abundant and diverse. Field education and internship courses may be taken in any semester and completed anywhere in the world. Students enrolled at Extension Sites and at the Florida Regional Center are required to meet the same field ed requirements as students enrolled at the Deerfield campus. Ministry Focus There are seven ministry foci available which allow you to focus your MDiv more sharply (plus the option to create a unique focus not listed here): Specialized Ministry Research Ministry Pastoral Care Cross-Cultural Ministry Congregational Team Ministry Pastor-Teacher Chaplaincy Compassion & Justice What are the prerequisites for admission to this program? Specific to the MDiv are the following general prerequisites; see full prerequisites for further specific details: A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale is preferred, though not necessarily required. Scores from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) are required if your GPA is less than 2.5 or if the Admissions Office requests them. A demonstrated working knowledge of the English Bible (this can be demonstrated after admission through either some specific coursework or the Standard Bible Content Test). Applicants with prior Greek or Hebrew experience may be able to take the Greek Proficiency Exam or the Hebrew Proficiency Exam; these allow you to place further along in the language courses. You don’t need to have taken Greek or Hebrew to be accepted to the MDiv; we will teach you! [-]

Master of Divinity

North Park University
Campus or Online Full time September 2017 USA Chicago

As you respond to God’s call to vocational ministry, a master of divinity (MDiv) is the foundation you need to seek ordination to Christian service. [+]

Master of Divinity Earn Your Master of Divinity As you respond to God’s call to vocational ministry, a master of divinity (MDiv) is the foundation you need to seek ordination to Christian service. While historically the degree is focused on training individuals for congregational ministry, North Park’s MDiv is also excellent preparation for leadership in specialized ministries, including parachurch and nonprofit organizations. The flexibility within the degree, the Seminary’s centrality in the Evangelical Covenant Church community, and the academic and community resources at North Park allow you to explore topics unique to your current and future ministries while you develop the theological and formational foundation you need for your vocational life. Why North Park? As the seminary of the Evangelical Covenant Church and as a school committed to our home in Chicago, North Park Theological Seminary draws men and women from diverse backgrounds to work together as they explore their calls to ministry. You’ll learn alongside individuals from many Christian traditions; this rich academic culture is made distinctive by the close relationships fostered among students and faculty. North Park’s program can be tailored for students of all ages and calls, and is committed to developing leaders who are missionary competent—women and men who can serve with compassion and confidence across many cultures and locations. Study In-Person and Online An MDiv can be completed in three years of full-time study and internship, although many of our students choose to complete the program over a longer period of time and through a combination of in-person, online, and intensive hybrid courses. Course Areas The MDiv curriculum provides foundational knowledge in the Bible, Christian history, theology, and ancient languages, while also delivering essential skills in areas like preaching and leadership. Students can take advantage of other centers of excellence at North Park University, including courses in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management. Alumni Profile “The gift and the blessing of a North Park Seminary education is that you are doing it with people you know you will see year after year,” says Britta Burger C’10 S’13, who with her husband Paul C’10 S13, completed an MDiv at North Park. The two pastor together at Bethany Covenant Church in Mount Vernon, Washington. Where Our Alumni Serve Covenant Heights Camp and Retreat Center Covenant churches around the world Paraclete Press U.S. Navy Sinai Health System RefugeeOne Mayo Clinic ScholarLeaders International Peace Catalyst International Vocational Development From the moment you enter Seminary, you will be immersed in a community that places vocational development front and center alongside academic preparation. Identity and spiritual formation coursework, psychological and biblical testing, and supervised practical experience are all crucial elements of your development as a minister. Field Education Field Education complements your academic work at North Park Theological Seminary. Eleven credits earned from classes and internship will give further context to your studies, help you learn to navigate interpersonal relationships from a pastoral perspective, and give you insights into ministry organization. Community Life A Seminary education goes far beyond the classroom. North Park Theological Seminary offers numerous opportunities, including on-campus housing, community events, and worship services, all within the world-class city of Chicago. Credentialing in the ECC Ordination in the ECC is a multi-step process, and requires advanced theological training. Our master of divinity covers all the educational requirements for Ordination to Word and Sacrament in the denomination. As the only ECC seminary, North Park is uniquely equipped to walk alongside you as you earn your degree and move into ministry and the credentialing process, starting with our Call to Ministry experience specifically for individuals wanting to serve in Covenant churches. [-]

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Missouri Baptist University
Campus Full time Part time September 2017 USA Saint Louis

his course of study has been designed in an effort to emphasize applicability to life, orientation toward the church, and fidelity to the biblical revelation. [+]

Masters in Theology in Illinois in USA. Master of Arts in Christian Ministry The Religion faculty of Missouri Baptist University desires to assist churches in developing leaders with Christ-like characteristics so that they can extend Christ-like influence, by providing a master’s degree which is foundational and practical. This course of study has been designed in an effort to emphasize applicability to life, orientation toward the church, and fidelity to the biblical revelation. FAITHFUL TO CHRISTIAN FOUNDATIONS At Missouri Baptist University the core of a common Christian theology is taught as the expression of divinely-revealed truth, valid for all people, and having life-impact upon all people. The Master of Christian Ministries at MBU provides individualized degree options with five core areas of emphasis: Pastoral Ministries Urban Ministries Apologetic Studies Biblical Counseling Biblical Languages Low Tuition Rates ORIENTED TO THE LOCAL CHURCH The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry focuses theological studies on the life of the church with the goal of preparing students for service in local churches and throughout the world. GREAT PROGRAM + FACULTY In 24 months, earn a theological degree that is both practical and foundational. Our qualified professors desire to develop Christ-like leaders that seek to impact contemporary society. The degree program is built for both lay leaders and ministers alike. From the class times to flexible subject programs, the degree allows you to focus on your current role or your next position. The program may also serve as a “bridge” program for future seminary study. ATTEND FULL OR PART-TIME The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree program is designed for ministry and lay leaders, church staff workers, professional Christian educators serving in both secondary and higher education, ministers seeking continuing education and individuals that desire a more informed perspective on faith and life. The flexible schedule at MBU allows you to take classes when your time permits. Courses are offered year-round and typically meet once a week for eights sessions. Many students also take online courses to fit their particular schedules. Courses RBIB 503 Understanding Old Testament Concepts RBIB 513 Understanding New Testament Concepts HIRE 503 History of Christian Thought I HIRE 513 History of Christian Thought II RREL 503 Knowing God RREL 513 Following God RRED 513 Spiritual Formation RPHI 503 Christianity & Culture RREL 523 Theology of Christian Ministry RRED 523 Basics of Biblical Counseling RRED 553 North American Cultural Exegesis RREL 533 Principles of Pastoral Ministry RREL 583 Expository Biblical Ministry RRED 503 Introduction to Church Planting RRED 533 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Ministry RRED 543 Urban Church Planting PSRL 523 Pastoral Counseling and Care Giving PSRL 533 Psychology of Moral and Spiritual Development HIRP 533 Contemporary Worldviews RPHI 513 Christian Ethics RPHI 533 World Religions RPHI 583 Philosophy of Religion RBLA 513 New Testament Greek Exegesis I RBLA 523 New Testament Greek Exegesis II RBLA 533 Elementary Classical Hebrew I RBLA 543 Elementary Classical Hebrew II [-]