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A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

One of the greatest aspects of technology is that when it is embedded in machines and devices, most of the time the individual operating the machine or device does not need to understand the specifics of how the technology works. For example, someone using a computer does not need to understand the mechanics of the hard drive to benefit from using it.

Spanning many countries and island territories, South America is home to many Spanish-speaking countries. Here, students can literally walk through history on their way to class and soak up the culture of ancient societies. 

View all Master Programs in Technology in South America 2017

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Masters In Society, Technology And Public Policy

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full time March 2017 Brazil Aracaju

The Master in Society, Technology and Public Policy includes a number of human, technological and applied social sciences, combining perspectives that are not met in other disciplinary courses and supported in other areas as engineering and public health. [+]

Masters in Technology in South America 2017. O Master in Society, Technology and Public Policy It includes a number of human, technological and applied social sciences, combining perspectives that are not met in other disciplinary courses and supported in other areas as engineering and public health. The range of proposed courses and seminars covers the areas of Urban and Regional Planning, Law, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Economics, Architecture, Public Administration, Social Services, Public Health, Communication, Production Engineering, Nutrition, Environmental Management and Heritage Cultural. Goals provide a multidisciplinary training in the field of Social and Human Sciences with emphasis on the relations between individuals, groups, political institutions and socio-cultural dynamics from the conceptual crisscross in different disciplinary skills; promote academic training that takes teaching and research as inseparable activities and multiple and complex nature of the problems that cross and move the social and cultural field; promote the construction of knowledge required to perform the analysis of social phenomena, environmental, political and cultural, through consistent link between theory, research, practice and social commitment combined with a critical training for the exercise of transforming professional practice; train, educate and support the academic community and public officials to promote integrated geared joint for effectiveness and efficiency of public and private organizations through the appropriate troubleshooting and generation / application innovation processes; Empower teachers to operate in higher education, research institutes and technical and scientific advisors. RESEARCH LINES Concentration Area: Technology and Public Policy The future master concentration area is characterized by the construction of ideas and interdisciplinary research that put in discussion the knowledge of production processes and their effects on relations with society, technology and public policy. The objective is to provide adequate space for the development of creative capacities that provide results of social, environmental and technological interest, and academic integrated directly or indirectly with public policies. Investigations include two complementary perspectives: 1) Technology, Environment and Society. 2) Society, Territory and Public Policy. Line 01 - Technology, Environment and Society This research includes interdisciplinary research on three main areas of activity: technology, environment and society. Conducts research on topics such as social technologies and industrial processes, sustainability and human ecology, territorial planning and democratic quality. The contextualized approach innovatively the research themes, relating them to public policies. Line 02 - Society, Territory and Public Policy The line articulates the study of social change in their cultural, territorial and political dimensions and reflects on the complementarities and conflicts that characterize the relationship between society and state. The surveys include questions related to identity, imagination, economy, social technologies, access to justice, public health, democratic control and planning in the context of public policies and collective, diffuse and individual demands. SELECTION PROCESS 2017 The Research Coordination, Graduate and Extension (COPPE) makes public applicants for registration will be open in the period between 17 October 2016 and 20 January 2017, the Graduate Program in Society, Technology and Policy public, for its second class of Master in the area of ​​Concentration Technology and public Policy. [-]

Specialized Master Management And Technological Innovation

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Campus Full time Part time 15 months September 2017 France Grenoble + 1 more

To form innovative techno-entrepreneurs, Grenoble Ecole de Management provides a model based on innovative pedagogy and a proven expertise in technological entrepreneurship program. [+]

Objective: With a recognized technological entrepreneurship and innovation management expertise, Grenoble Ecole de Management trains students in strategic positions. An innovative and personalized pedagogy helps to qualify graduates and make them operational as soon as possible. The objective is to create value in the business through the acquisition of managerial skills and strategic vision of the business. Program: Initiative, tutoring and alternation are the watchwords of training this way GEM offers comprehensive and professionalizing courses: - Competitive Strategy and Performance - Marketing Innovation - Innovation through design - game Integrative Business - Ethics and Logic Conflict - ... What job can I do with this training? The Specialized Master in Management Technology and Innovation leads to wide possibility of opportunities such as Project innovation, sales engineer, founder of start-up, responsible for marketing mission ... How to integrate this training? The admission application online is open: - For graduates holding a tray 5 (engineers, academics, business school) - For professionals work or job search, holding a tray 4 with experience of at least 3 years [-]