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Technology Studies

A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Most master's degree program would require students to complete a master's thesis or research paper.

One of the greatest aspects of technology is that when it is embedded in machines and devices, most of the time the individual operating the machine or device does not need to understand the specifics of how the technology works. For example, someone using a computer does not need to understand the mechanics of the hard drive to benefit from using it.

Slovenia, officially the Republic of Slovenia, is a nation state in Central Europe at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes. Slovenia is a relatively safe country to visit. The university in Ljubljana is the oldest and largest educational institution in the country, offering three art academies: Theatre and Film; Music; and Fine Arts.

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Master in Business Informatics

University of Ljubljana Faculty of Economics
Campus Full time Part time 2 years October 2017 Slovenia Ljubljana + 1 more

Are you interested in digitalization? Do you want to become an active member of a firm’s digital transformation endeavour? Want to know how to use modern IT in a company and how to improve business with ITs help? [+]

Best Masters in Technology Studies in Slovenia 2017/2018. Business Informatics combines the areas of business knowledge, knowledge of management and social skills as well as business use of information technology. The figure below shows in more detail some key competencies in these areas in view of the knowledge and skills required as well as the typical job titles held by business information specialists. As a graduate, you will acquire the highest level of expert competencies in the field of informatics and business. You will obtain practical knowledge of business transformation and digitalization, the development of new business models and advanced use of information technology in business operations. During the study you can acquire thorough knowledge and skills of business informatics and, by selecting the contents (courses), you can create an area of specialization that most closely corresponds to your personal, professional and employment ambitions. Admissions Criteria First-year enrolment is open to: Graduates of first-level programmes in relevant study programmes with at least 180 ECTS, or those that have completed the current programme of study for qualification in relevant study programmes Graduates of equivalent courses listed in the previous paragraph in unrelated areas of study and must complete additional academic requirements of 12 ECTS: Microeconomics 1 (6 ECTS) and Introduction to Business (6 ECTS). In accordance with Article 41 of the Law of Higher Educations, candidates are ranked in cases where the number of available spots are limited. Candidates are ranked based on their undergraduate GPA (70%) and the exam results... [-]

Master’s degree in Corporate Security Management

GEA College
Campus Full time 2 years October 2017 Slovenia Ljubljana

The management of business and security mechanisms in the economy, industry, national institutions and civil society. [+]

Program description The management of business and security mechanisms in the economy, industry, national institutions and civil society. Profession for today and tomorrow. The study focuses on multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge from the field of management and corporate risks. Complementing your vast business knowledge. The study introduces contents, which are relevant for corporate security: geo-strategic and political aspects of security risks, security standards in business processes, security risk management, planning and development of corporate security on every level, monitoring processes, economic intelligence and mechanisms for managing various risks. Introduction to global business environment. The study analyses numerous examples from local and international companies, represented by the top professionals from the field of security in the region. During the study, numerous cases from domestic and international companies represented by top experts in the field of security in the region are being dealt with. The study provides the familiarisation of the global business environment and possibilities of networking and making contacts. The personal approach is provided with the academic curriculum which takes place in small groups enabling direct cooperation between lecturers and students. Scope of ECTS: 120 ECTS Study mode: Flexible study mode with the possibility of designing an individual study plan to accommodate the working and other obligations of each student. Degree: Master’s degree in Corporate Security Management The programme is accredited via the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia and is consequently recognised worldwide under the EU directive. The studies are in line with the Bologna Declaration... [-]