Compare 13 Masters Programs in Taxation

Do you have a Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics or Law and you would like to take the next step? Can you imagine yourself working in a business or for the government? Then a Master in Taxation may be the necessary extra step towards the career of your dreams.

With a Master in Taxation you can specialize in a business field that is tailored to your needs, all building on a steady background of tax law. Central themes for Master in Taxation programs are international transactions, an understanding of accounting, and principles of the business industry. Through such a degree you will be able to understand better the relationship between companies and the practice of law.

On this page is a list of Master in Taxation programs worldwide that will offer you the competence in this field. So if you are looking for a Master in Taxation, this is the right page for you. Click on any of the links below and find out if Taxation is something you'd like to find out more about!

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Mastery in taxes

Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes
Campus Full-time 2 years July 2019 Mexico Aguascalientes

The Master in Taxation, aims to train professionals in the domain and application of theoretical and practical knowledge, related to the management, administration, analysis of taxes and tax burdens, in both the public and private sectors, in the framework of an open economy, considering the perspective of the entrepreneur and the authority.

Mastery in taxation and audit

Campus Part-time 20 months March 2020 Peru Tacna

Neumann Business School in alliance with the ITAE Business School, have designed a postgraduate program in line with the current needs of companies in Peru, which gives graduates the ability to make financial decisions, manage business taxes, and lead Tax audit processes, very necessary tools for an environment that changes permanently and that impacts in organizations in a significant way.

professional master cue - fiscal management

Campus Universitario Europeo
Online Full-time Part-time 6 months September 2019 Spain Marbella A Coruña Madrid + 3 more

In this Master Professional is studied through different courses, taxation issues in business and investment, both financial and material assets.

Master in Financial Planning and Tax Management

Takming University Of Science And Technology
Campus Full-time September 2019 Taiwan Taipei

This is the first graduate school set up based on customers’ viewpoint of financial planning in Taiwan. The purpose of its establishment is to provide professional knowledge about income and tax management so that our students are trained to be good at their own financial management or become professional tax managers.

Master's Degree for Admission to the Bar + Master's Degree in Tax Advice (ICADE-ESADE)

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Campus Full-time 15 months October 2019 Spain Madrid

The long track-record of the ICADE Faculty of Law and the ESADE Faculty of Law in training legal professionals with the highest level of excellence and ethical values, both in terms of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, sufficiently endorses the students' choice of this program. It is also worth noting some of the other advantages of the double degree program, such as the fact that it provides a perspective of the legal practice in the context of a globalized economy, the eminently practical training, the level of excellence and vast experience of the lecturers that constitute the faculty staff and the official in-company internship module that will allow our students to gain work experience in the most renowned firms, institutions and companies.

Master of Accounting and Taxation

Barney School of Business
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 1 - 5 years September 2019 USA Hartford + 2 more

The University of Hartford, Barney School of Business offers a variety of programs for students seeking advanced education in the fields of Accounting and Taxation. Students can earn the master’s degree in as few as seven months, or at their own pace, and meet the 150-hour CPA licensing requirement.

Master of Tax Accounting

Manderson Graduate School of Business The University of Alabama
Campus Full-time September 2019 USA Tuscaloosa

Whether working federally, for a major corporation or as a personal accountant, tax accounting is one of the fastest changing fields in business. The Master of Tax Accounting degree program takes a multi-dimensional approach to educating the modern tax specialist.

Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) Program - Taxation

University of Washington Foster School of Business
Campus Full-time 9 months September 2019 USA Seattle South Korea Seoul San Francisco + 3 more

The MPAcc at UW responds by preparing accounting professionals with quality education, strong ethics, innovative thinking, and excellent oral and written communication skills.

Executive Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy

Institute For Advanced Management (CEU - IAM)
Campus Full-time 300 hours October 2019 Spain Madrid

Our program aims to enhance, update and strengthen the legal and tax knowledge of young professionals from a practical perspective, but with equal emphasis and from the same practical perspective, it seeks to show them the non-traditional technical needs of the profession.

MCom in South African and International Taxation

University of Johannesburg
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 years February 2020 South Africa Johannesburg + 1 more

The student should develop applied specialised competencies in the mastering, interpretation, understanding, analysis and application of taxation principles in the taxation field.

Master's degree in taxation and tax advice

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid
Online Part-time 18 months September 2019 Spain Madrid

The correct knowledge of the Spanish tax system requires not only an effort of analysis and assessment of taxes that comprise it but also study and consideration of other issues, such as international taxation, specific taxation of certain transactions and companies with differentiated taxation, procedures set out in tax, etc ...

Master in Accounting and Taxes

Mendel University in Brno
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Czech Republic Brno-sever

Study of the program of Accounting and taxes will provide to a student a deep knowledge of complex accounting operations including accounting and tax impacts of the transformation of commercial companies, knowledge of international accounting standards and international taxation.

MSL: Taxation

Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Online Full-time Part-time 1 year September 2019 USA San Diego + 1 more

Students will learn about the taxation of individuals and businesses from leaders in the field, including former IRS agents/CPAs/Tax Attorneys. Topics range from individual taxation, business taxation, estate planning, and international taxation.