Top Masters Programs in Gothenburg Sweden 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden is a top choice as a destination for graduate education for many reasons. Gothenburg is a cosmopolitan city that has both historic sites as well as modern and innovative advances. Gothenburg is home to the busiest port in Scandinavia and also has a large student population, creating a vibrant but relaxed atmosphere. Students that choose to pursue a Master in Gothenburg have much to complement their academic experience, such as visiting the many museums, cafes, parks, and gardens.

With the wide range of Master in Gothenburg degree programs, most students can find a program to match their academic and professional interests. Some of the Master in Gothenburg programs that are available are in the fields of biology, ecology, business, finance, European studies, economics, engineering, and many more. The Master in Gothenburg programs are excellent in quality, preparing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become professionals in their field.

Learn more about a Master in Gothenburg by browsing the options below. You may find the degree for you!

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Master's Studies (Second Cycle): Languages and Literature

University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Arts
Campus Full-time August 2020 Sweden Gothenburg

At the Department of Languages and Literatures, we offer a large variety of courses at the Master's level. You can take the courses separately or as part of a Master's degree. The courses are often divided into smaller modules, for example, 7.5 credits or 15 credits, so if you want to conduct full-time studies you have to apply for more than one course. However, the range of courses for the subjects varies.

Master in Gendering Practices (120 HEC)

University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Arts
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 years September 2019 Sweden Gothenburg + 1 more

Do you want to change the world? Do you want to challenge social and cultural norms about gender, ethnicity, sexuality, class, functionality, age? Are you interested in working with issues of gender and equality in your everyday practice? Then Gendering Practices is the master’s programme for you. The programme will help you understand your practical work with theories of power relations and equality work, and provide you with methodological insights into the field of gender studies and research.

Master in Language Technology

University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Arts
Campus Full-time 2 years Request Info Sweden Gothenburg

Master in Language Technology (MLT) is a program for students who want to make computers use and understand human language. It will give students a hands-on practical training based on well-grounded theory, enabling them to pursue a specialist career in the area of language technology.

Master in Logic

University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Arts
Campus Full-time 2 years Request Info Sweden Gothenburg

Logic is traditionally defined as the study of formal aspects of valid reasoning, but today many logicians see logic as a more general study of formal systems and their applications.

MFA in Child Culture Design

HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts - University of Gothenburg
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Sweden Gothenburg

Child Culture Design (CCD) is a field that is growing in knowledge, need and demand both nationally and internationally. By focusing on children's play, children's perspectives and their specific conditions, we have created a master program that has no equivalent in the world.