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Sustainability Studies

Norway continues to attract students from around the world to the high quality master programs, including a Master in Sustainability degree. Norway is a very attractive place for students to take a Master in Sustainability degree for several reasons, including the high quality of life, international student population, excellent programs, and plenty of activities to enjoy in all seasons. A Master in Sustainability program in Norway is a sure step to a successful career, in Norway and abroad.

In Norway, a Master in Sustainability program explores how to make businesses sustainable with minimal impact on the environment, local communities, and society. It is a rapidly growing field with many companies adopting sustainability policies, increasing the need for professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the growing demand. Graduates holding a Master in Sustainability degree in Norway can pursue careers in non-profit organizations, private companies and businesses, multinational corporations, and government agencies.

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Master's in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment

NHH Norwegian School of Economics
Campus Full time 2 years August 2019 Norway Bergen

The objective of the master's programme is to educate the next generation of interdisciplinary managers in the fields of energy and natural resources. [+]

Degree: MSc in Economics and Business Administration ECTS credits: 120 Duration: two years

NHH is one of few business schools in the world where you can specialise in business within the energy sector and graduates from this master’s programme are in great demand. This programme aims to educate the next generation of interdisciplinary managers in the fields of energy and natural resource development.

Future development and prosperity depend largely on access to energy sources and secure, reliable supplies of natural resources. Exploitation of these resources has a significant impact on the environment and getting the balance right is a critical factor in the commercial world where business sustainability is increasingly defined by factors going beyond the bottom line.... [-]