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Strategic Marketing

A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

Strategic marketing emphasizes the importance of advertising and promoting items to consumers in the right way. Individuals educated in strategic marketing may study how to figure out target demographics and promotion strategies, and then analyze the results to find how to effectively market products to consumers.

Belgium is known as the heart of Europe and a hub for international networking. As international students in Belgium you be surrounded by a multicultural community.

Antwerp has a varied and successful scene of higher education. Colleges and several universities have camped in this city starting with University of Antwerp, Plantin University College, Artesis University College and many more.

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3Continent Master in Strategic Marketing (DUAL DEGREE)

Antwerp Management School
Campus Full time 1 year August 2018 Belgium Antwerp

This 3Continent Master in Strategic Marketing offers recent university graduates a state of the art insight in global business and marketing and provides both the academic knowledge and the practical skills to enable them to pursue a successful international career in business and marketing. The specialization in marketing will give you a smooth entry in the job market, while the broader scope of global business in the first semester will definitely benefit your career in the longer run. [+]

3Continent Master in Strategic Marketing (3C MSM)

What better to prepare young minds for a successful professional career than to offer them a global look at management? The best way to show the next generation of leaders how businesses work in different regions is by showing them up close. This unique 10-month full-time master program will give students the opportunity to study and gain practical experience in Antwerp, Brazil, and New York. It will provide students with advanced market research, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, strategic planning and marketing skills in a unique global setting. Equipped with those advanced skills, you will be fully prepared to build a successful career in Global marketing and business wherever in the world you choose to work.... [-]