Top Masters Programs in Barcelona Spain 2019

Barcelona attracts students from all over the world for graduate study. It is a stylish cosmopolitan city with many high tech businesses and biomedical companies as well as fascinating architecture. Students pursuing a Master in Barcelona have plenty to do and see to enhance their academic experience, including exploring the art galleries, fine cuisine, and taking advantage of the easy access to the beaches and mountains.

There is a wide range of Master in Barcelona programs, enough to match the needs and interests of most students. Some of the Master in Barcelona programs that students can choose from are business, design, economics, architecture, engineering, fashion, and cultural studies, among many others. With a Master in Barcelona, students can have excellent opportunities for careers throughout the region as well as globally.

You can learn more about a Master in Barcelona by scrolling through the programs below. You may find the degree you have been searching for!

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MScF in International Finance

Geneva Business School (GBS)
Campus Full-time 22 - 1 months February 2020 Switzerland Geneva Spain Barcelona + 2 more

The Master of Science in Finance with a major in International Finance is designed to challenge and develop your understanding of global finance through rigorous training in the conceptual, analytical and empirical intricacies of modern international finance and investment.

Master in Management

Toulouse Business School - Barcelona Campus
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 Spain Barcelona

Ranked top #50 in the Finantial Times the Master in Management is a multicampus, dual diploma and highly customizable programs with over 36 specialization to choose from. Whatever your academic background, TBS Barcelona’s Master in Management is the ideal course to prepare you for the next stage of your career. A full-time, 4-semester programme, the course will provide you with the technical and analytical skills to make effective managerial decisions.

Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management

University of San Francisco - School of Management
Campus Full-time 1 year August 2019 Spain Barcelona USA San Francisco Taiwan Taipei + 4 more

Gain firsthand, multicultural business experience across three continents with the USF Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management degree.

Master in International Business Management

OBS International - Online Business School
Online Full-time Part-time 12 months Request Info Spain Barcelona + 1 more

In the Master’s Degree in International Business in Spanish, we train you to be a professional with international vision, capable of managing companies on their way towards internationalisation or that operate abroad. A professional that masters financial, strategic and management environments in which international business takes place. With the postgraduate degree in International Business from OBS-UB, you will acquire the necessary competencies and knowledge to successfully face the changes in business internationalisation processes and efficient strategic management, as well as increasing your competitiveness and international employability.

Master in Marketing

EU Business School
Campus Online Online & Campus Combined Full-time 1 year October 2019 Spain Barcelona Switzerland Geneva Montreux Switzerland Online + 6 more

Markets are ever-changing, with increasingly sophisticated consumers. Now more than ever, companies require innovative, qualified marketing experts to implement creative changes. From the effective use of social media channels to understanding your target audience, this program explores modern marketing methods and theories from various perspectives, giving you an insight into how marketing decisions relate to the analytical, strategic and operational areas of a business.

International Master in Animation 2D / 3D

L'Idem Barcelona
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 Spain Barcelona

Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge and stimulate the skills of animation film, to achieve specialization as animators with a solid and effective technique. In the same way, there is a vision of the craft of animation as art and / or industry, applying the traditional tools of animation and its adaptation to new digital technologies.

Master in Marketing & Sales

EAE Business School International
Campus Full-time 12 months Request Info Spain Barcelona Madrid + 1 more

With the Master in Marketing & Sales, we offer the key to corporate excellence to professionals in direct contact with customers, equipping them with the skills required by the market. Throughout the program, the professionals are provided with the conditions to change. Participants in the program will undergo an experience and process of change.

Masters in Computer Science (1-year)

Harbour Space
Campus Full-time 1 - 1 year September 2019 Spain Barcelona

The MSC program is an intensive one-year program designed for those who desire to deepen their comprehension with the practical aspects of Computer Science.

Master in Digital Business

The Valley Digital Business School
Campus Part-time 9 months October 2019 Spain Barcelona

The MDB + trains professionals in all areas of digital business and ensures the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to work in the digital sector. A large faculty professors, specialists active, and an updated agenda ensure the application of knowledge to the reality of companies.

Master in Digital Solutions Development

Campus Full-time 9 months Request Info Spain Barcelona

The Master in Digital Solutions Development is an International experience for those who want to enter the Digital industry with a solid base and for those who want to start a new career in the digital industry. It's a Master aligned with the technology and business skills that the digital companies need to develop creative and innovative digital solutions.

Master's Degree in Architecture and Design Business Management

International University of Catalonia
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 year September 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The Master’s Degree in Architecture and Design Business Management strives to ensure that you will be able to bring distinctive value to your profession through business know-how. This knowledge will bolster your capacity to expand your business and increase your chances of joining the leading companies in your sector, which are in need of professionals with technical knowledge and a versatile, innovative and strategic business mind.

Master in Liberal Studies

European College for Liberal Studies
Campus Full-time Part-time 9 - 12 months September 2019 Spain Barcelona Belgium Brussels Madrid Switzerland Zürich Japan Tokyo Antwerp + 9 more

MLS - Master in Liberal Studies (60 credits)

Master in 3D Art, Animation and VFX for Videogames and Cinema (Barcelona)

CEV - Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido
Campus Full-time 1200 hours October 2019 Spain Barcelona

Become a true specialist in video games, animation, art and 3D cinema. This master will take you to increase your skills to learn to create modeled, textured and endless digital illustrations. You will know how to implement all the knowledge through professional productions within the industry. This degree is taught exclusively in SPANISH.

Master in High Performance Soccer

MBP School of Coaches: The Master for football coaches in Barcelona
Campus 350 hours Request Info Spain Barcelona

Master in High-Performance Soccer it is long way learning immersion with the main goal to know MBP Methodology as an expert in all the studying areas. This program is for professional soccer coaches who would like to know soccer from its essence, dominating all the structure of this sport.

Master in Interaction Design

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona
Campus Full-time 4 months January 2020 Spain Barcelona

The Master in Interaction Design aims to train professionals who aspire to be tomorrow’s digital leaders equipped with the collaborative, critical thinking and technical skills required to react, adapt and leverage the impacts of digital transformation and understand how the digital can be harnessed for strategic design.