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Key Account Management

With a Master in Key Account Management, graduates are privy to high-level positions within a number of thriving industries. The knowledge gained by this advanced degree makes future job seekers highly-valued components of those businesses looking to competently manage the contract process.

For students curious as to what is a Master in Key Account Management, this area of study involves exacting knowledge of business contracts and how they directly influence working relationships between a number of entities. Coursework will involve in-depth analysis of concepts integral to negotiating high-level contracts, and instructors will include industry professionals to afford a real-world perspective to students.

One great benefit of these programs is the ability to work in virtually every industry imaginable. This provides flexibility to graduates seeking limitless opportunities all over the world. Graduates can also expect many lucrative job opportunities thanks to the level of education involved, which renders them a leader in the field of key account management.

The total cost of tuition for obtaining a master’s degree varies quite a bit depending on a few factors. When looking into a prospective school, students should also inquire about the total cost of tuition to ensure it is the right fit for them.

As far as careers are concerned, those possessing a Master in Key Account Management can expect a variety of rewarding and fulfilling job prospects upon graduation. This includes a number of managerial positions for high-profile companies seeking assistance with the mergers and acquisitions process, which involves managing contractual disputes between a number of important players. Graduates can also secure work as top-level negotiators, which is a valuable capability all over the corporate world. Other career options include sales director, business engineer, and positions related to project management.

While continuing education is important, not all students have the means to attend classes at the school of their choosing. In this event, online classes can be a great option. Many institutions offer online coursework to those students unable to physically attend classes, whether due to inconvenient location or lack of time. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Expert In Marketing, Sales And Commercial Management + Digital Marketing (MBC)

MBA Business School
Online & Campus Combined Part time 3 months April 2017 Spain Las Palmas Santa Cruz de Tenerife + 1 more

The MBC program is aimed at all professionals who seek to deepen in the areas of digital marketing, sales and generally in the area of ​​Marketing Management. [+]

Masters in Key Account Management. Expert in Marketing, Sales & Sales Management and Digital Marketing (MBC) From April to June 2017 Border delivery: June 2017 Location: Gran Canaria Price: 2,300 € (Financing in comfortable monthly installments up to 6 months without interest Ask us for our scholarship program and benefit from great discounts.). The MBC program is aimed at all professionals who seek to deepen in the areas of digital marketing, sales and generally in the area of ​​Marketing Management. The curriculum is adapted to the reality and needs of the company. The programs provide the participant a solid practical training and use an all-inclusive approach that allows you to enhance its strategic perspective and vision. SUBJECTS MARKETING DIRECTION Marketing Management Company (CMO). Communication and publicity. Trade Marketing. Commercial skills. sales management and sales. DIGITAL MARKETING Management and Planning Digital Marketing. Online Communication and Content Marketing. Social Media Marketing. Online advertising. Draft order Expert: design online marketing plan (tutored). METHODOLOGY practical methodology Our approach facilitates the application of knowledge and tools to the reality of business immediately. dynamic sessions Our classes will be based on the generation of dynamic participatory skills. Real case studies We address the real reference cases in each wing pair materials decisions. Blended System: Online sessions and Education Our sessions will be combined with those contained in the virtual classroom, with the experience of the School of Marketing and Advertising Online Business School MBA and Kinewa. Development Project / As alumni / ae in teams develop... [-]

Master In Strategic Marketing And Sales

School of Continuing Education – Universitat de Barcelona
Campus Full time April 2017 Spain Barcelona

University graduates interested in expanding and improving their knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Organizational Management as part of their career development. [+]

TARGET University graduates interested in expanding and improving their knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Organizational Management as part of their career development. Professionals in Marketing and / or Sales wishing to renew knowledge to enhance their careers. Professionals from other areas who want to supplement their training and development in the field of marketing.Consultores or consultants seeking to acquire, update or revise your knowledge of marketing and sales and applications. New habits, new trends and behaviors, new ways to communicate, more information from consumers and greater demands ... These constant changes require marketers and sales to rethink their philosophies, concepts and tools to reach the business excellence. Only companies and organizations able to adapt and adjust their marketing policy to changes in the market will be able to move forward. The Master in Strategic Marketing and Sales It offers a view of both practical and management in their daily application, as an integrator in the whole business organization. Designed from a global perspective, puts marketing in today's environment, it interrelates with other business disciplines and highlights its growing importance to the organization. This course enables to detect the best marketing strategies in complex and changing market to achieve the objectives successfully. From debates, seminars and lectures, and a practice based on the Harvard method, the master continues an active, participatory and personalized methodology through both individual and group tutorials. The Marketing Plan development rubric learning the knowledge and skills necessary for strategic decision process that requires professional... [-]