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In general, a master’s degree is earned by completing two years of full-time advanced study. Some have a research focus, while others build on the student’s academic proficiency. In either case, a master’s degree sets graduates apart from those with less education.

You may want to know, what is a Master in Russian Literature? Such a program focuses on both the prose and poetry of Eurasia as it was natively written in the Russian language. Students will analyze writings both classic and modern, and learn their significance in the overall cultural landscape of the region.

Russia is a country at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures. The casual observer may find certain concepts hard to understand, such as the politics of the former Soviet Union and Russia’s complex relationship with other modern nations. However, deep studies into its literature opens the student up to a rich social, economic and religious history that has shaped the country and its people as we know it. By means of master’s program in Russian literature, students strengthen their reading and writing skills in both the Russian and English languages.

Costs tend to be moderate, and depending on the university, some courses may be offered online. To calculate the program’s cost, you’ll need to look up current tuition and fees for the institution of your interest.

Some who complete graduate studies in Russian literature go on to work as translators and interpreters. Government and news organizations hire some candidates, while others work independently. Some find employment as diplomats, within embassies or at cultural centers. Graduates who have strong technology skills may work with the localization of user interfaces and learning content into Russian. Those interested in teaching may work as high school or college instructors.

Students holding a bachelor’s degree are encouraged to apply for entrance into a graduate program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Novosibirsk State University

This program integrates the study of Russian language, literature, and culture. It does not only prepare lecturers of Russian as a foreign language, but also and foremost ... [+]

This program integrates the study of Russian language, literature, and culture. It does not only prepare lecturers of Russian as a foreign language, but also and foremost multi-skilled experts who have a good command of Russian, who are familiar with Russian literature and culture, who are able to work in joint ventures, and also in their country’s educational, scientific and cultural organizations interacting with Russia.

Program goal

This program aims at preparing graduates for solving complex problems requiring the utilization of philological knowledge and skills in educational organizations, in scientific research centers, in cultural organizations, in advertising and travel agencies, in the media, in the area of intercultural communication and in other fields of social and human activity, where knowledge of Russian as a foreign language is necessary. Additionally, one of the objectives of the program is to improve practical Russian proficiency up to TRKI 3 (test of Russian as a Foreign Language, C1).... [-]

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