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In business, risk management is referred to as the function through which long-term interests of shareholders, creditors, and customers as well as the entire society are protected. In the modern business environments, risk management is thus very important to both public and financial sectors. In typical situations, an efficient and reliable risk management system entails expert and quality knowledge in various fields ranging from statistics to mathematics as well as finance, engineering, computing and actuarial science. The correlation of the interdisciplinary understanding helps to separate traditional approaches from risk management.

A world class masters degree has been designed for the post graduate students from across the world today so as to help those practicing in the business world can manage and develop the discipline of risk management in businesses. This is the MSc in Risk Management degree. The learned skills in the course equip students with relevant techniques in designing quality risk management models in the uncertain business world. It is a Masters Degree course that brings together the practical and theory application of the learned ideas and techniques for those interested in the broad discipline of risk and enterprise management.

MSc in Risk Management is program meant to equip learners with knowledge on measuring the extent of serious uncertain events in business. The skills will help one appreciate both operational and financial risks that financial institutions face in their world. The course renders qualified students who are equipped in making reasonable and feasible business decisions.

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Mastery in valuation

Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes
Campus Part-time 2 years July 2019 Mexico Aguascalientes

General objective: To train human resources able to design, apply and analyze knowledge and methodologies, to contribute to the evaluation of real estate, operating companies and investment projects in the region and in the country, with valid value criteria that provide support to solve problems derived from the growth of the tangible and intangible goods market, through a solid and integral formation, with a positive attitude and open to change, with a social commitment that allow it to compete in the national and international market.

Master in Risk Management & Environment Engineering

ESAIP Graduate School of Engineering
Campus Full-time 3 years October 2019 France Angers

The esaip Engineer programme in Risk Management & Environment has been designed to enable you to understand the various facets of Risk, Health, Safety, and Environmental Management.

MA in Entrepreneurial Risk Management

Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full-time 4 semesters October 2019 Germany Magdeburg

The Master’s course in Entrepreneurial Risk Management enables students with a business-related Bachelor’s degree (business administration, economics or industrial engineering) to continue their studies by consolidating and expanding their knowledge in the area of risk management. The objective of the course is to deal with functions such as risk prevention, analysis and control, all of which arise in connection with risk management.

Master of Occupational Safety & Risk Management

Accra Institute Of Technology
Online Part-time September 2019 Ghana Accra

This Master of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management (MOSHRM) programme offered at OUM is a part-time open and distance learning (ODL) postgraduate programme which offers a qualification that provides a sound business and technical basis to support the implementation of hazard identification, risk assessment and control measures, and to monitor their business effectiveness.

Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

EISTI : Graduate School in Computer Science and Mathematics Engineering
Campus Full-time 2 years September 2019 France Pau Cergy + 1 more

Master’s Degree in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management draws on the recognized excellence of our engineering school in quantitative finance and makes great use of the collaborations with the Universities of Paris-Dauphine and Cergy-Pontoise.

Master's Degree in Financial Risk Management (MUGRF)

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Campus Full-time 1 year October 2019 Spain Madrid

The Official Master's Degree in Financial Risk Management is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE), through ICADE Business School. Its main aim is to provide specialized training oriented to professional roles in the field of risks.

Master in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management

Collegio Carlo Alberto
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 Italy Turin

The Master in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management aims to provide specialized learning in quantitative finance, and highly valuable professional expertise and skills in a wide array of fields. The program prepares graduates for a fulfilling career and high-level positions in the financial industry, including asset managers, brokerage and trading firms, commercial and investment banks, insurers, hedge funds, consulting...

Safety, Quality, Environment and Risk Management Engineer

ESAIP Graduate School of Engineering
Campus Full-time 3 years September 2019 France Angers

A 3-year programme in French...

Master in Portfolio Management

IEB - Instituto De Estudios Bursátiles
Campus Part-time 1 year January 2020 Spain Madrid

This is the first Master in Spain exclusively focused on Portfolio Management. It satisfies the existing demand in the Spanish market that arises from the growing sophistication in portfolio management.

Master in Financial Auditing and Risks

IEB - Instituto De Estudios Bursátiles
Campus Part-time 1 year February 2020 Spain Madrid

The Master not only goes into depth of accounting and other aspects of the auditing field but also devotes various chapters to thorough knowledge of those financial products most used by financial

Master in Enterprise Risk Management

Open University Of Cyprus
Online Full-time Part-time 2 years September 2019 Cyprus Cyprus Online + 1 more

This Master’s program in Enterprise Risk Management is designed to provide formal education contemporary Risk Management and its natural extensions to Crisis and Emergency Management to graduates.

BAC 5 Diploma in Geoeconomics and Risk Management

Campus Full-time 1 year October 2019 France Paris

The Geoeconomy and Risk Management course, level 5, has two objectives:. Train professionals able to understand the international environment of international economic relations beyond the only business issues (economic war, culture and management, sustainable development, compliance and due diligence, etc.), to assess risks, Anticipate difficulties in order to support their administration or their company and its collaborators in their international activities; . To enable the acquisition of essential tools and instruments (watch, intelligence, security) for decision-making in a shifting and complex international context. . Ensure the originality of the graduated profiles by developing dual skills (geoeconomics, monitoring or compliance, following the initial curriculum), in order to increase professionalisation and employability.

Master in Financial Technologies (Fintech), Blockchain and Risk Management

Sida Group Management Academy
Campus Full-time 252 hours September 2019 Italy Verona

Internet of things, Cloud Computing, Big Data

Executive Master of Finance & Control, Auditing, Risk Management & Compliance

Sida Group Management Academy
Campus Full-time 144 hours October 2019 Italy Ancona Bologna Rome Naples Milan + 4 more

The aim of the Executive Master of Finance & Control, Auditing, Risk Management, and Compliance is to develop new skills, training managers, consultants, and businessmen, to hold important positions in business management, in the financial and banking environment, in consultancy companies, law offices, and insurances. We believe the aim must be pursued through a detailed study of the following subjects: financial accounting and planning, auditing and corporate governance, credit and risk management, company evaluation systems and compliance management.

MPS - Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis

Utica College Online
Online Part-time 2 years May 2019 USA Utica

The online Master of Professional Studies in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis prepares cybersecurity and policy decision makers in industry and government to understand and implement responsible oversight of cybersecurity policy and practice. Graduates incorporate legal, ethical and moral principles in investigating and managing the risks of data collection, fusion, and control.