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A masters is earned after students complete an undergraduate degree program. To obtain a masters, you usually need to complete 12 to 18 college courses that often involve completing comprehensive tests and/or a thesis.

Psychotherapy is a broad term used to describe the mental health treatment of individuals who may be struggling with an emotional or psychological issue such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or those who are dealing with the death of a loved one.

Spain (Spanish: España) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

Top Master Programs in Psychotherapy in Spain 2018

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Master's Degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Campus Full time 1 year January 2018 Spain Madrid

This Master's Degree is professionally orientated, based on the real demand of psychologists specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy with children and adolescents. Psychologists who are qualified to work in the health sector with a current and top-quality perspective in addressing the problems of child mental health. [+]

Máster en Terapia Cognitivo-Conductual con niños y adolescentes

Como consecuencia de la regulación de la profesión de Psicólogo General Sanitario (Disposición adicional séptima de la Ley General de Salud Pública ), los alumnos que desean ejercer la psicología en el ámbito sanitario o clínico deben cursar el Máster profesionalizante (MPGS) o bien especializarse a través de la vía de Psicólogo Especialista en Psicología Clínica (PIR). Ambas opciones ofrecen una formación completa y amplia en cuestiones generales de la profesión de psicólogo clínico o sanitario, pero son muchos los alumnos que desean además una preparación más específica y profunda en intervención terapéutica con niños y adolescentes.... [-]

Master's Degree In Humanistic Psychotherapy And Experiential Psychotherapy Focused On Emotion

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Campus Full time 1 year January 2018 Spain Madrid

This program psychologists who are pursuing the Master's Degree in Health General Psychology, as well as other psychologists or physicians who wish to obtain a specialization in humanistic psychotherapy in their work contexts, interested in a deeper understanding of human beings and their addresses being in the world. [+]

Master in Humanistic Psychotherapy Experiential Psychotherapy and Emotion Focused

As a result of the regulation of the profession of Psychologist General Health, students who wish to practice psychology in health or clinical setting should take the professionalizing Master (MPGS) or specialize by way of Psychologist Specialist in Clinical Psychology (PIR ). Both routes offer a complete and extensive training on general issues of the profession of clinical or health psychologist, but many students also want a deeper specialization in models of humanistic psychotherapy. Moreover, Focused Psychotherapy Emotion is currently the head of humanistic psychotherapy internationally recognized. Therefore, the program is designed in line with the 3 levels of training provided by the team Lelsie Greenberg at York University Psychology Clinic, so that the basis for an internationally recognized training are based.... [-]