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Master's Degree in Gender Studies and Psychosocial Intervention

Universidad Central Chile
Campus Full-time Part-time February 2020 Chile Santiago

The Master's Program in Gender Studies and Psychosocial Intervention aims to train professionals who can contribute to the development of Psychosocial Intervention from a gender perspective, as well as feminist and gender studies in the areas of teaching, policy formulation public, creation and management of social programs and projects, intervention, evaluation and research.

Social and Organizational Psychology

Instituto Piaget
Campus Full-time 2 years October 2019 Portugal Almada

The course of Studies in Social Psychology and Organizations aims to make known and develop the fundamental concepts in human resource management and in social and organizational processes.

Master's degree in research in psychology

Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes
Campus Full-time 2 years July 2019 Mexico Aguascalientes

The MA in Psychology Research is a postgraduate program recognized for its QUALITY at the level of recent creation granted by CONACYT in the National Graduate Program of Quality (PNPC).

Master in neuropsychology, multiple intelligences and mindfulness

IMF Business School Portugal
Online Part-time 720 hours Open Enrollment Portugal Portugal Online

This course will give you the skills to have a solid foundation on Neuroscience, Neuropedagogy, Multiple Intelligences and socio-educational interventions; To know the contributions of Mindfulness, the Multiple Intelligences to Neuroscience, its empirical basis and the different professional areas in which they apply; Explore the relational interface between Neuropedagogy, Multiple Intelligences and Mindfulness; Establish integrated strategies that are based on both research work and school transformation; Learning to make systemic Neuroplastic changes, where a coordinated effort is needed between: student, teacher, parents, school and community; To know the Multiple Intelligences and scopes of intervention; Benefits and challenges of using Multiple Intelligences in education, therapy, family and community; Perform a basic personal and group diagnosis in Multiple Intelligences

Master in integrated relaxation and psychotherapeutic techniques

Centro Studi Panta Rei
Campus Full-time 85 hours September 2019 Italy Milan

This Master is reserved for graduates in psychology (first and / or second level degree), psychologists and psychotherapists, graduates in medicine with psychological training (specialized or specializing in clinical psychology, psychiatry, neurology).

Master's degree in humanistic psychotherapy and experiential psychotherapy focused on emotion

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Campus Full-time 1 year January 2020 Spain Madrid

This program psychologists who are pursuing the Master's Degree in Health General Psychology, as well as other psychologists or physicians who wish to obtain a specialization in humanistic psychotherapy in their work contexts, interested in a deeper understanding of human beings and their addresses being in the world.

Master's degree in general psychology and health own master of therapeutic specialization (double degree)

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Campus Full-time 28 months September 2019 Spain Madrid

The Master in Psychology General Health is aimed at those graduates and graduates in psychology who wish to acquire the skills assessment, diagnosis and intervention in the field of health psychology and who wish to do so from a plural perspective that takes into account different approaches empirically contrasted .

Clinical Psychology

Japan Lutheran College
Campus Full-time April 2019 Japan Tokyo

Christian spirit - love and devotion of the heart - have, cherish contact with the people the dignity of each individual, and training experts in clinical psychology that can full use of advanced expertise and technology.

Master in clinical educational psychology and institutional

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 450 hours March 2019 Brazil Aracaju

Technical visits to even closer the reality of post-graduate student of the area where you want to act. Exchange with classicists entities, public authorities, schools, Institutional Intervention Project. Career advice (coaching): at the end of the course, tracing goals and preparing students for professional growth.

Master in psychology applied to health

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 363  March 2019 Brazil Aracaju

It offers an interdisciplinary training, allowing students to understand the necessary psychology interfaces with other disciplines, for a proper understanding of the human phenomenon. It provides a solid basic training, with a broad view of psychology, which enables the professional flexibility to adjust their skills to the specific demands of work contexts in Health.

Master in institutional clinical psychopedagogy

Grupo Tiradentes
Campus Full-time 18 months March 2019 Brazil Aracaju

The course provides training qualified professionals to work with competence and skill in institutional clinical educational psychology area, diagnosing and intervening in the children's learning difficulties, young people and adults in school and non-school, enabling thus the educational psychologist for advice and advice in different contexts related to the learning process, such as schools, businesses and hospitals, through theoretical and practical mastery of specific content area of ​​educational psychology.

Master's degree in prevention and treatment of school harassment (bullying)

Online Full-time Part-time 1 year Open Enrollment Portugal Lisbon + 1 more

GO TO LEARN: To provide a scientific and professional training to ensure adequate capacity to participate and to prepare the development of programs and actions for conflict resolution

Master's degree in psychology

UNIBA Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona
Online Full-time Part-time 10 months April 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The online master's degree in psychology gives you precise knowledge to work as a psychologist in the field of educational and vocational guidance, attention to diversity and linked to the teaching and learning difficulties and their advice.

Masterstudiengang wirtschaftspsychologie, leadership & management

SRH FernHochschule Riedlingen
Online Part-time October 2019 Germany Riedlingen

The Master's degree program in Business Psychology, Leadership and Management qualifies for challenging management tasks in the field of economic psychology.

Master of School Counseling

Plymouth State University
Campus September 2019 USA Plymouth

The MEd in School Counseling is designed to prepare students to function as K–12 Certified Professional School Counselors. This program is approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education and leads to New Hampshire certification in school (guidance) counseling. PSU’s school counseling program is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). It is the only school counseling program in New Hampshire to hold this prestigious accreditation. Students should note that there are significant post-degree requirements to undertake prior to being licensed.