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Organizational Psychology

A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Most master's degree program would require students to complete a master's thesis or research paper.

Organizational psychology involves assessing the actions of individuals and groups in the workplace in an effort to improve the morale, motivation, safety and satisfaction of a workforce, with the ultimate goal of improving a company’s overall success.

Costa Rica offers a sponsored and at the same time students-friendly higher learning curriculums. The country has 20 public and 44 private universities with the leading three public universities being University of Costa Rica, The national university and Costa Rican Institute of Technology.

Top Master Programs in Organizational Psychology in Costa Rica 2017

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Industrial And Organizational Psychology Master

La Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
Campus Full time February 2017 Costa Rica San Pedro

Form specialized human resources at a high level that contribute to improving the quality of services provided by organizations. [+]

Best Masters in Organizational Psychology in Costa Rica 2017. Objectives of expertise in industrial and organizational psychology Train specialized human resources at a high level that contribute to improving the quality of services provided by organizations. Stimulate the potential that people have different professionals involved in processes to produce knowledge through research, experimentation and dissemination of scientific information. Requisitos: Possess the required minimum degree (baccalaureate or degree) awarded by a university legally recognized in the country. Present title and two copies of that degree. Certification and submit an original copy of the studies, where the cattle courses with their respective notes and credits obtained are clearly demonstrated. Submit duly filled application for membership and attach two passport photos and a copy of the identity card. Counting, preferably with knowledge in handling computer equipment. Having a knowledge of the English language that includes the power to understand the current literature on specialized topics. demonstrable professional experience 2 years minimum. Interview with program management. For purposes of quotas University will give priority to participants to present best attestations regarding the academic record and professional experience. Headquarters: San Pedro professional field: Graduates of this program will be able to exercise their professional action: Development of both personal and organizational consulting in different areas both nationally and internationally. Managing human resources in the fields of selection, classification, staff appraisal, designing training programs and compensation among others. Stimulating innovations in the field of improving the attitude and value staff as an added value that can generate maximum competitiveness by promoting organizational development and in developing a culture of quality. [-]