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Procurement Management

People who have experience with contract administration can benefit from obtaining a Master in Procurement Management. In this program, students gain a better understanding of the nature of commercial, international, and government contracts. The information provided in class gives students the foundation for comprehending federal procurement practices.


What is a Master in Procurement Management? Procurement management is a broad field of study, and students are exposed to a variety of principles and management techniques. Classes cover everything from the legal framework of contracts to the techniques of cost and price analysis. Students are expected to gain a mastery of important terminology and concepts used in the field of procurement management.


In the coming years, career opportunities are expected to increase for administrative managers and contract administrators. People who acquire a master’s degree can look forward to gainful employment. If individuals are looking to secure high-level management positions, they would be wise to complete the program, as it can increase career opportunities.


A typical procurement management program takes two years to complete. There are many schools that offer this type of degree, and costs will vary from institution to institution. Before applying to programs, students should research tuition and fees. This will help them decide which program is appropriate for them.


Most graduates find jobs as administrative services managers or contract administrators. It is also common for people to become part of a company’s management team. A master’s program provides students with experience in physical distribution and management. As a result, many graduates secure jobs in the fields of supply chain management and warehouse management. Since the focus of the master’s degree is so broad, students can apply their skills to a wide range of professions.


Many international schools offer the program, and there are also opportunities for students to complete their degrees online. If you are interested in applying to a school, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master of Finance, Banking, and Investment

Matej Bel University
Campus Full time September 2017 Slovakia Banská Bystrica

Graduates of this programme can perform a wide range of jobs in a host of different industries and other sectors of both the national and international economies. [+]

Masters in Procurement Management. Graduates of this programme can perform a wide range of jobs in a host of different industries and other sectors of both the national and international economies. Although the largest share of the graduates work in financial institutions, they are also to be found in other businesses and organizations in both the private and public sectors, including customs and tax authorities, other government bodies at all levels, and in the field of tax advice. The fact that the study programme is taught in English or French and at the same time includes the participation of foreign universities gives students a chance to improve their language skills and professional preparedness, and it also enhances the market reputation of their qualification, the standing of the Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University and its partner universities. The structure of the programme and its component courses together with the expertise and research experience of the teachers allow students not only to prepare for professional practice, but also to learn how to become expert researchers and teachers in the fields of financial management, international finance, international accounting, banking, monetary theory and policy, and financial markets. Theoretical knowledge Graduates of the programme are able to find and present their own solutions to problems in theoretical research, and to apply creatively their theoretical knowledge to practical solutions. They will have deep knowledge of the modern economic theories of money and finance, financial analysis and forecasting, and policy analysis. Practical skills Graduates will... [-]

Master (MSc) Fundraising Management

School Of Professional Studies - Columbia University
Campus Full time Part time 3 - 12 semesters September 2017 USA New York + 1 more

The Fundraising Management master’s program equips professionals to excel in institutional advancement and nonprofit management careers. [+]

The Fundraising Management master’s program equips professionals to excel in institutional advancement and nonprofit management careers. The world of nonprofits is growing – both in size and influence. The thousands of causes and the millions of organizations that serve those causes, in the United States and across the globe, need people to lead and to secure financial support. The Fundraising Management program here at Columbia is your portal to taking part in what many feel is the most important of society’s sectors – the one that furthers philanthropy, the love of humankind. The need for fundraising professionals and nonprofit leaders to distinguish themselves has increased. Organizations constantly seek individuals with a thorough understanding of the philanthropic marketplace, a mastery of key fundraising techniques, and comprehensive management skills. Because of this demand for highly skilled development personnel, salaries are among the highest in the sector. Curriculum 36 points for degree completion On-campus instruction Part-time* or full-time program Fall and Spring** intake 3–12 terms to complete*** Capstone Seminar and comprehensive final project * International students need to be enrolled on a full-time basis to be eligible for an F-1 student visa. ** Part-time program only for Spring intake *** Summer courses included. Students in the Fundraising Management program complete 12 3-point courses: five core required courses, which provide an overview of the industry and a thorough analysis of the essential elements of fundraising and leadership, including campaigns, major gifts, planning giving, and grants, as well as nonprofit financial management and board governance... [-]